Vince On ESPN Recap: Trashes Denver Nuggets Owner

Thanks to Richard Trionofo for the following:

With the buzz surrounding the conflict for next Monday night in Denver with Raw scheduled to run at the Pepsi Center and the Nuggets and Lakers scheduled to play Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals at the same time, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon appeared on ESPNEWS to talk about the situation.

Jonathan Coachman conducted the interview with his former boss. Coach mentions that Vince is never one to step down from a fight. Coachman mentions that next week’s Raw at the Pepsi Center was booked in August, but the contract was not signed until April.

Vince says that Stan Kroenke should be arrested for impersonating a good businessman for booking a WWE television show when their team would not have been in the playoffs. Vince suggests that the fans of the Nuggets had more faith in the team than their management. Vince says that it is not good business to not support your own team. It is also not good business to throw the WWE out on its ear when there were no tentative dates or provisions in the contract that they signed.

Coach mentions a statement from the Nuggets that they were trying to deal with the conflict. Coachman asks Vince what they are trying to do to work things out and Vince suggests a steel cage match against Kroenke. He says that it will settle everything.

Coach asks if Vince will be in Denver on Monday. Vince says that the WWE trucks are on the way to Denver and it looks like there are going to be two events in the Pepsi Center.

Vince says that the person at fault is Stan Kroenke. Vince says that it is unfair for the way that he treated the Nuggets fans and the WWE. He says that it is not fair to book the WWE event at the same time as the NBA playoffs.

Vince also closed the segment by offering a Lakers jersey to Nuggets owner Mr. Kroenke, figuring that Mr. Kroenke isn’t much of a Nuggets fan if he didn’t think his own team would make the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Coachman asks Vince if they will go to the NBA to resolve this problem. Vince says that NBA told the Nuggets to sort it out because the Nuggets never presented it to the NBA as a booked date for scheduling purposes.

Vince McMahon came off well while it seemed at times that he was cutting a promo with the number of times that he mentioned Stan Kroenke’s name. It looks like it could be a very eventful Memorial Day in Denver.

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