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Linda’s Thoughts – Judgment Day/Live Thoughts

Posted by Linda Robin in Linda's Thoughts
Monday, May 18th, 2009

I haven’t recuperated from last night. I am worn out from yelling and cheering so loud. As you can probably guess I LOVED ! And I’m happy to say so did my son Jason and his girlfriend Penny. Now I have read quite a bit of feedback on a few sites and it sounds like the show was better live than on TV. Not that it’s getting ripped. But live it was a blast however there were a few times when the crowd didn’t come off as loud as they should have, and I would question Penny and Jason about that. Hey when we were hot we were on fire, but when the crowd was a little quiet it shocked the hell out of me. As I said this was a damn good show with a few flaws.  I want to get right into the show; by the way I didn’t do too bad with my predictions. I got them all right except for going with Jericho, Orton and .  So I’m happy with my showing for a change. And now it’s on to my live thoughts about the show.

First the place was packed and that’s always a great thing to see. We got a dark match with Mickie vs. and I enjoyed it very much. I guess for me it was just nice to see two very capable women facing each other in the ring. It’s too bad that they didn’t get a chance to be a part of Judgment Day, but at least I got to see them.  The opening match with vs. was very good, and here I was expecting a sub par match. Yes we were all very pro Punk, but really added to this one. I noticed almost immediately looked thinner to me and I don’t know if maybe that made him more agile in the ring. The match was a great opener and I have to say both men worked their asses off. I did not expect Punk to win, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit there was a small part of me expecting to see him go after for the title with his Money In The Bank contract. Of course that didn’t happen but it was so cool to see him and along with they got things started on a very positive note.
I have mentioned this before, but when I am at the All State Arena, but I have a very hard time hearing what is being said in the ring and especially backstage. So honestly I couldn’t really hear what Chavo, Big Show and Vickie were talking about. But I will tell you this; Vickie was getting major heat as soon as her face hit the camera. And when Edge walked in there the place really made a lot of noise. Later on I read what was said so at least that helped me, because I hate missing anything when it comes to the shows. As much as I liked the vs. Christian match, I was somewhat disappointed because out of all their matches this one wasn’t as GOOD as it should have been. Now don’t get me wrong it was good and watching these two was a total pleasure for me. I 55saw back in January, and from then to now this guy’s presence is really being felt. He’s coming along so very well. And as I said yesterday I was so happy to see Christian again. And I was also very happy with the next match, vs. . As much as I loved /Morrison team I was really happy to see Morrison on his own. He came up with some hot moves and Benjamin is such an outstanding athlete that I couldn’t wait to see what he would come up with. And since I have always been a fan, it was nice seeing him out there as well. This was one of the matches where the crowd died, and I don’t get why. There were times I would be clapping and I would be the only one in my area, I just couldn’t understand the silence. But I loved this match and I hope the feud continues on Smackdown. The non-wrestling highlight of the night was without a doubt ’s promo. For a woman that couldn’t tolerate this guy a couple of years ago, I am now a MIZERABLE fan, okay that’s my way of being funny. Seriously I can’t wait to hear what comes out of his mouth week after week. You know I am not one that likes to hear a promo bashing a local team. The reason for that is, if I’m not from that area why would I care? But when ripped into the Cubs and their fans I was hysterical. And my son is a big Cub fan and he was laughing as hard as I was. Miz said it all so well and watching the expression on Alfonso Soriano’s face while Miz was insulting him and the team was priceless. Who ever wrote this material did a hell of a job, and delivered it all beautifully. I just want to share a few of my favorite lines. The first was when he referred to Morrison as Marty Jannetty now that was gold.  I then loved when Miz brought up how Soriano does the “you can’t see me” hand gesture after he hits a homerun. Miz told him the hand gesture really means, “You can’t see a World Series ring as long as you play for the Cubs.” Mr. Annoying said it was a cheap line and therefore he wanted to apologize to anyone who was around in 1908 to see the Cubs win the World Series. This was so good, really outdid himself and he got such major heat, the crowd loved it. I was surprised to see Santino come out, but I was okay with it. He was the Santino of old ruining names like calling the Fizz and Kozlov, Coleslaw. I had no problem with Santino last night, but I will admit once took Santino out, and Chavo came out to “punish” him for calling Aunt Vickie a pig I lost interest. That little part was worthless. But RULES!!

My match of the night was vs. . This was absolutely fantastic. This was as good as I thought it would be, no it was better. I wanted this one to just keep on going. Mysterio with all his knee problems did a super job, and Jericho never looked better. Smackdown’s roster definitely dominated last night and I know this wasn’t meant to be the main event, but it would have been a great way to end the show. By the way the crowd seemed to be more for Jericho than Rey, but Chicago last night was really into the heels. Rey did have a lot of fans chanting 619 as well. I still can’t stop talking about this one that’s how good it was. Now vs. Orton was good, but for me not PPV quality. Again they both worked hard but it was missing something. I wish I could tell you what that was but I just can’t pin point it. I enjoyed it and it’s always nice to see Orton and live. I’m glad this wasn’t the match that closed the show. As far as the surprise appearance by , I was surprised but I’m not sure it’s what I needed. The ending with Orton slapping the ref to cause the DQ was stupid, but the most ridiculous part was having 60 year old run out and take out the young up and comers, Rhodes and DiBiase. I couldn’t believe how he rescued big Dave from them. I didn’t like that at all. In fact I’m a little upset about the prospect of Flair wrestling. I don’t mind him being on TV in a non wrestling role, but if he should start wrestling it just makes a mockery not only out of that FANTASTIC retirement match against last year at , but it really makes that great sendoff on Raw meaningless. Yeah right now I’m not exactly welcoming Flair back with open arms right now.
My next gripe oh yes has to do with the Big Show vs. match. This I will keep short. The match stunk, Cena or should I say Super Cena took a beating for most of the match and then got his super strength going and came back like Show never touched him. Plus for some of the match he tried to sell a back injury from being thrown into the search light at . But, as I said that all seemed to disappear and with his Attitude Adjustment he finished off Show and won. And the guy that was getting a Big Show beating not only made a super comeback in the ring, but once the match was done he’s celebrating with Soriano. This was just pathetic and yes, the worst match and segment of the night. And finally the main event with Edge vs. was very good, not as good as Mysterio and Jericho’s match but good. With the rumors going around that is definitely leaving in June or July for at least a year it meant a lot for me to see him live last night. Edge worked the crowd so well and I was very happy with the main event. And as I said earlier I was waiting for Punk to cash in his contract and when that didn’t happen, I was fine with that because I really did have a great time.

Live it was a blast, and I am so glad that I was lucky enough to be there. The three of us loved the evening so much that this morning I got tickets for the Labor Day Raw. Okay since this was so long, I’m going to pass on my Raw thoughts this week, and I will return with my Smackdown column over the weekend. And once again thank you all for sending me your Judgment Day predictions I enjoyed each and every one of them.


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  1. jason

    Date: May 18, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    you only got 4 matches right thats not good

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