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Well, it’s time for another PPV and while, I’ve mentioned many times that I think so many PPVs minimizes the importance and value of each particular PPV, I really have to give the WWE credit for making Judgment Day a show that seems like it actually matters with only three weeks of build up. In my view, the three main reasons for that were John Cena, The continuation of the Orton/McMahon saga, and most importantly, Jeff Hardy challenging for the title. The John Morrison/Shelton Benjamin and IC title match really add a lot of the good in ring action potential to the card, which is really what makes Judgment Day have the potential to be a very solid card. Now, let’s get to the matches.

John Morrison/Shelton Benjamin really has the potential to steal the show from a bell to bell prospective and I think these two great athletes can live up to the expectations for this one. It’s been mentioned more times than with any other wrestler on the roster that Shelton is underutilized but he’s on PPV with an opponent that can really go in the ring so it would seem like this is a great opportunity for Benjamin to show his skills. I also wanted to take a second to discuss John Morrison’s recent face turn. I’m not sure if there was any real direction behind the WWE turning in him face other than to try to differentiate him from the Miz, who was drafted to Smackdown because the team had very similar characters. I just don’t see the face turn lasting too long for Morrison, maybe because he’s worked so well as a heel and I think you also have to consider that since his face turn, Morrison has been somewhat one dimensional in terms of his character since he hasn’t had too much mic time. As for a winner here, I’ll say Shelton because as I said, I don’t see Morrison’s face character lasting so there wouldn’t be too much of a reason to push him as a face.

CM Punk/Umaga should be a decent match but here I would expect Umaga to get the victory for a few different reasons. One of them being, Umaga needs something to try to reestablish him as a star since he’s been away from the ring so long due to injuries. A good way to get him some recognition would be to have him go over on CM Punk, which is what I think will happen here. The other reason being is that since Punk was defeated on PPV last month, I think the WWE might be going with him being defeated to keep him off the radar so to speak, possibly to make his money in the bank title shot more of a surprise. Speaking of Punk’s title shot, it’s very interesting to note that Judgment Day is going to be in Punk’s hometown of Chicago and he could quite possibly cash in his title shot tonight. If he does, I’d have to say it would be against Orton because Punk already challenged Edge and Orton attacked Punk before a match that costs him the World Heavy Weight title. If it were to happen, it’d be a great surprise and I think the die hard Chicago crowd would create a great atmosphere for a Punk title shot. I attended Wrestlemania 22 at the All State Arena where Judgment Day is being held tonight and I can say that the crowd can really add a lot to the show.

Next up is the ECW title match and while their match last month was slightly disappointing, I think Christian and Jack Swagger will have a solid match tonight. However, I’ll pick Christian to retain the title because I expect him to have a really solid reign with the title.

John Cena/Big show is a match I don’t expect to be anything spectacular, considering it’s a Big Show match but as I mentioned, earlier this match is one of the main reasons the WWE gives people to pay to see Judgment Day. John Cena is WWE’s top star in terms of merchandise, which translates into people wanting to pay to see him and with the Big Show costing Cena the title lat month, it instantly put steam behind this match. Despite the rumors of Cena possibly taking time off to film another movie, I have to pick Cena to win here. I say this because so far the feud has consisted of Big Show attacking Cena so if the feud were to continue, it would make sense for Cena to get some type of revenge on the Big Show. Also, it doesn’t hurt those all important merchandise sales for Cena to get a win on PPV.

I expect the IC title match to be very good and I’d also expect to see a new IC champion with Jericho winning the title. Winning the IC title would be a way for Jericho to stay in the main spot light as well as help legitimize his claim that Smackdown is his show and it would be a way for Jericho to counter Edge with a title of his own. I also have to say that I don’t think Rey losing the IC title would really hurt his status in the WWE because at this point in his career with so much popularity with the fans, I don’t think Rey losing a title would effect of over he is with the fans.

The WWE title match should be great and Jeff Hardy deserves a lot of credit for his rise to the main event spot of the past year and a half. However, with rumors of his possible departure from the company soon and also the two wellness policy violations, I don’t see Hardy winning the title again so I’ll have to pick Edge to retain the title here.

The world title match seems fairly obvious with Randy Orton retaining the title since the WWE has invested so much time into pushing him to the title. I don’t ever expect too much from a Batista match so hopefully this one is a short match and Punk cashing in the title shot.

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