Joey Styles Speaks on Working with, the Vickie Joke & More

– Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald has a new column online looking at WWE’s announcing situation that includes quotes from Joey Styles from an interview he did during WrestleMania weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

Joey on if he misses announcing: “Not one bit. I called matches for 10 years, and I feel like I’m contributing to the company more now. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think you’ve seen changes in over the past year, and mostly in terms of video and television programming that can be distributed on the web.”

Joey on how his announcing job compares with the website job: “Not even close. As an announcer, I could fly in Saturday morning, attend the Hall of Fame, wake-up Sunday, work out, look at the two or three matches I was calling. I pretty much knew the storylines very well from calling the weekly show. Managing the staff on the road is just non-stop. There is always something because everything changes. With an event this big, let’s get one of our three video crews. Besides all the television crews WWE has here, has three video crews here as well as writers and all the still photographers. We’ve all been criss-crossing.”

Joey on the April Fool’s joke with Vickie Guerrero: “The April Fool’s joke that we went with was not my idea. I got over-ruled. I wanted to go with a different one. We had three options. They all got approved by management. I wanted to go with an interview with Khali who speaks perfect English — like with Matt Striker, five-syllable words, but they went with Vickie pregnant instead. I don’t know if we fooled anybody, but it was fun.”

Joey on covering storyline happenings and not real-life happenings: “As far as I’m concerned, we are an entertainment web site. We are scripted entertainment which we make very clear to the public, and I think we should be a scripted web site. We should follow storylines. We don’t need to follow hard news.”