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What If HBK Got Screwed In Montreal?, Jeff Hardy, More

Posted by Tim Brown in WWE News
Thursday, May 14th, 2009

— has a page up asking “What if the Montreal Screwjob was reversed” and got screwed instead of . answered the question with: “That never would have happened. We’re not that stupid.”

— Former WWE star Chris Masters, known for his physique, was recently asked by if WWE’s drug testing policy works. “I think now it does. From my knowledge, I’m not up there anymore obviously, but it’s a good policy,” said Masters. “There is a lot of kids who watch wrestling, it’s a big part of the product and audience, and kids look up to us as these super humans, so you have to set a good example. You have to protect them, you can’t have kids looking up to guys who are doing that stuff, that’s just how it is.”

— The following press release about meeting one of his fans with an illness was sent out by the Kids Wish Network: With the help of Wish Funding Specialist, Donna, and some outstanding sponsors, Vanessa organized a trip of a lifetime for Brandon that included tickets to the WWE match that evening, a ride in a limousine and, of course, a meet-and-greet with , himself!

On the evening of the match, Brandon and his family were taxied to the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio in a very fancy limousine. “Oh, he loved that,” said Brandon’s mother, Jaime. “He really thought it was cool.” Once there, Brandon was escorted behind the scenes and got to sit down with his hero, Jeff Hardy. “He [Brandon] was a little shy. He was pretty much in shock.” Though he was a little on the quiet side, Brandon was more than happy to accept the signed gifts and pictures that Jeff Hardy was handing to him. While backstage with Mr. Hardy, Brandon even had the chance to meet other great names in the WWE such as and !

Following the meet-and-greet, Brandon’s excitement tripled as he watched the man he just met fight in the ring right in front of his eyes. The action was fast-paced and truly entertaining for Brandon and his family’s seats couldn’t have been any better: they were ringside!

After the matches, Brandon had yet another chance to hang out with his hero. This time, however, through all the excitement of the evening, Brandon lost his shyness and really opened up to his wrestling hero. “They just talked and talked,” said Jaime. “Jeff even took off the necklace he was wearing and gave it to Brandon.”

BACKSTAGE NEWS: Huge INCIDENT Between Maryse & Randy Orton @ RAW [This one’s hilarious; Full details >>]

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