Shad Gaspard News, UFC Pres. Dana White Fighting?, & More

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Pro Wrestling Syndicate is holding a Brawl For Paul chairty show on May 29th in Garfield, NJ to help pay for the funeral of Paul E. Normous. Butterbean, Koko B Ware, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, So Cal Val, Kizarny, Nunzio, Roxxi, Missy Hyatt and others will be doing a meet & greet before the show. Shad Gaspard (Normous’ roommate when both were in OVW) will be there doing a tribute interview.

— Speaking of Shad Gaspard, is doing an angle where the Cryme Tyme member has the hots for Eve Torres. There’s no word on whether this will carry over to TV or not.

— For Philadelphia viewers, SmackDown on May 22nd won’t be airing until 2 a.m. due to Phillies baseball. Local SmackDown ads in Philadelphia have been based around Triple H and all three members of Legacy.

— UFC president Dana White was recently challenged to a fight by Affliction president Tom Atencio, similar to when Vince McMahon was challenged to a fight by Eric Bischoff during the Monday Night Wars. Dana White responded by saying that Atencio should focus on his company’s financial situation rather than taking time off to fight. “Let me tell you something. When I was $44 million in the hole, the last thing I was doing was leaving the office and going out to train for a joke of a fight,“ said White. “I was in the office and trying to find a way to make this thing work. Why would I waste one second of my day worrying about this f***ing guy? He should be worried about the millions and millions of his bosses or his partners’ money, whoever it is, that he’s burning. That’s a complete joke.”

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