WWE’s Inside-Joke On DVDs, Vince Boasts Beating UFC

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There is a joke going around WWE when people hear about a new talent themed DVD, that some people start getting friendly with that person hoping they pick a match they had together for the DVD, since every star who appears in a match on a DVD receives a royalty check from that DVD. When WWE does a DVD for a Superstar, generally the talent has a hand in picking out their favorite matches to be included. As a general rule, they don’t want matches that have been on older DVD’s to be included but in telling stories of some people’s careers, sometimes there has to be a duplication.

— In WWE’s recently weekly internal memo regarding TV ratings, for Superstars they made a point of noting how the show had more viewers this past week than UFC Unleashed on Spike TV, going head-to-head. Some WWE staffers got a laugh out of the memo since when it comes to PPV buy-rates Vince always says the UFC and WWE are not in competition and are in separate genres.