JR Blog: Rey Mysterio Injured, Hart Foundation, The Miz, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update on jrsbarbq.com. Here are the highlights:

– I really enjoyed watching ECW Tuesday evening and the introduction of David Hart Smith joining his cousin Natalya and “might as well be family” Tyson Kidd which I thought was really cool. I have huge respect for the Hart Family and being on site when this rendition of the Canada Wrestling Dynasty debuted was a thrill for me. Smith is an athletic freak and demonstrated much more aggression than I have ever seen from him. I clearly see that the son of the late British Bulldog and Diana Hart can and will get even more physical and nasty much sooner than later which will eventually take him to the Promised Land. Tyson Kidd is a tremendous hand as well and Kidd’s match with the veteran Finlay was more exciting to me than any match that I saw on Monday night and Raw had some interesting bouts. Natalya adds so much to this presentation as well and she is my favorite WWE Diva if you are keeping score at home. Business just picked up on ECW and I am jealous that this trio aren’t SD regulars.

– Rey Mysterio got banged up by a very physical Shelton Benjamin in a match that will air Thursday night on WGN America on WWE Superstars. Benjamin has been much more aggressive lately, as is his long time friend Charlie Haas, and Benjamin’s aggression banged up the IC Champion to the level that Rey was unable to make much of an impact on Friday Night Smackdown but somehow the incredible Mysterio does manage to put his unique stamp on Friday night’s show.

– Rey vs. Jericho for the IC Title might be a show stealer at Judgment Day as the Winnipeg native Jericho is going to be looking for his unprecedented 9th IC Title, more than any one in WWE history. Yes, Rey vs. Jericho is definitely still on for Judgment Day and it will likely be a viable candidate for match of the PPV.

– Mysterio’s injury, which occurred just moments before we were to start the SD taping, caused Friday Night Smackdown to really have a spontaneous, exciting feel which I think will come across clearly on the MyNetworkTV presentation. It was an especially exciting night for Todd Grisham and me at ringside. I know that when I returned to the Dayton Marriott I was beat like a government mule but not in a bad way. We left it all out there as you will hopefully see Friday night. I was so beat that I by passed any opportunity for a “night cap.”

– For the 3rd week in a row, The Miz significantly stood out on Monday night Raw. Miz’s in ring work has evolved amazingly well since day one in WWE but Miz has always been able to talk and that, too, has gotten better.