WWE Signs a Britney Spears Body Double to a Divas Deal

– The Sun reports that UK model and dancer Rachael Carr is training to be a WWE Diva at WWE’s developmental territory in Florida. Carr has done body double work in the past for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue. Carr tells The Sun that she met a guy who recruits for WWE named Lou Maggio, went to an audition and now here she is. Rachael currently train at FCW for five days a month. She says you train between six months and two years before you’re ready to be called up.

Carr, who has had two boob jobs and some work done on her rear, says she never watched pro wrestling before getting the job but now it’s her dream to become a WWE Diva.

To view a large gallery with 31 hot photos of Rachel, CLICK HERE.



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  • Elisha Lurz

    Be it hair shaving, racy videos, wedding failures or just another pop single release there is a lot carrying on around Britney. You can not help but observe Britney Spears. Recently many people have become her number 1 devotee and can never get too much gossip or articles about Britney’s life history. The media age is her chance for large earnings but will it be her ruin with way too much coverage and pressure. In fact I suppose that this article and my comment are the selfsame exposure I talked about.

  • Ignacio Clary

    You know i admire Britney she is one of my fans really coz she’s a good singer…..

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