WWE Tag Team DVD Cover, Roddy Piper’s New Movie, Melina, More

– Readers Karen F. and John P. sent word that after receiving their WrestleMania 25 DVD’s early from WWE.com this weekend, they noticed that the entire Kid Rock performance was edited off of the DVD. Rock’s song before the Divas match and song when the match was over were both removed. The announcers didn’t mention Rock or anything.

– WWE Women’s Champion Melina has been suffering from a bout with strep throat.

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper is starring in a new movie called Fancypants, which is about a pro wrestler who is afraid of conflict in real life. Producer Daniel Hanson says the movie is a comedy/drama, a tale of redemption and says the character bashes heads in the ring but is afraid of old ladies in the supermarket. The movie was shot in Chicago and may debut in theaters as early as August of this year. Production work is still being done as the film crew recently filmed scenes at a Lucha Libre show in Los Angeles and are now working on visual effects and the soundtrack.

– Below is the official DVD cover for WWE’s upcoming tag team DVD titled, “Allied Powers: World’s Greatest Tag Teams.” Something tells me that this DVD release might be the reason we get that DX reunion later this year.