JR: HBK’s Injuries, TNA Becoming WCW, Jeff Hardy and More

Jim Ross recently updated the Q&A section of his website at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– JR on a possible Ricky Steamboat DVD: I have not heard word of a Steamboat DVD being on the drawing board but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t. Perhaps after his Hall of Fame experiences and Ricky’s bout versus Jericho at Backlash there will be some interest. There’s plenty of great material for a good DVD without question.

– JR on why WWE didn’t sign Christopher Daniels after a 1999 match: I specifically don’t know. Perhaps WWE did not see any thing in him at that particular time that excited them creatively. Daniels has been a really solid hand for years nonetheless.

– JR on top stars leaving and TNA being WCW: I’ve head nothing of Taker, HBK or Dreamer retiring. People used to ask similar questions as in will any one ever be better than Magic and Bird and along came Jordan….and then Kobe and Lebron. I don’t know who or when but the law of averages say that someone’s star will shine brightly as a newly minted WWE main eventer in the future. HBK and Taker are extraordinarily special without question but records are made to be broken but only time will tell. I lean toward the yes side of the argument. TNA will never be WCW unless TNA is purchased by one of the biggest media companies in the world which isn’t likely.

– JR on Jeff Hardy and if he is booked to win at Judgment Day: It might I suppose. I don’t know any of the creative plans and if I did why would I spoil that info by discussing them here? I don’t see Jeff “retiring” either but taking a break from the road is never a bad idea if one can afford to do so and I am assuming that he can. Time will tell.

– JR on Shawn Michaels: I am unaware of any new injuries but HBK has a litany of old, nagging injuries that are requiring him to take some time off to heal and to recharge his batteries.