Bret Hart Speaks On Owen Possibly Being In WWE Hall Of Fame

Bret Hart recently spoke to the Miami Herald about his most recent book, as well as the 10th anniversary DVD release of Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows which a second documentary titled The Life & Death Of Owen Hart is included with. Here are some highlights:

On other wrestlers’ books: A lot of wrestlers have written their books, and most of them don’t know what they wrote or could barely read it themselves. I think the only one who has done a real top notch job was Mick Foley. I did enjoy Jericho’s book to a certain degree, but there is a lot of sanitizing to sort of make the company look good and protect themselves. I think the company sort of handcuffs whether they can say this or say that. I didn’t have that kind of restraint.

His final thoughts on the Montreal screwjob: There is that old saying that it takes 20 years to build a reputation, but 30 seconds to tear it down. I think it was very applicable to that whole circumstance. The fact that I stood up for myself and did what I did, I don’t know that any other wrestler would have done that or could have done that.

On Owen Hart in the WWE Hall of Fame: ”Vince McMahon said to me once after Owen died that it was the worst thing to happen to the nicest guy in this business. That statement in itself, I don’t know how you can have a Hall of Fame and not credit or at least honor Owen and even my father. From the last conversation I had with Vince McMahon, he had every intention of putting my father and Owen into the Hall of Fame. I’m sure that will come with time.

On remembering Owen: I don’t like to stop and remember the day he died. So much as I’d like to remember other things like his birthday [May 7]. I’m maybe different than a lot of members of the family. In Calgary, when you see the green grass coming up, with some patches of snow, you find yourself thinking of funerals. I was just thinking about his funeral yesterday and all the people that were there. Even now, I think about all the wrestlers that were at Owen’s funeral who are dead today. There are a lot of things that connect to Owen’s death and beyond.





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  • Stephen Farrier

    I well pay to see the late great Owen hart AKA The Rocket & Blue Brazer indated into wwe hall of fame class of 2010.

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