Update On Kurt Angle/Foley, Buff Bagwell To TNA?, More

— A quick correction on last week’s iMPACT rating: The number was a 1.19, not a 1.9.

— Apparently earlier this year there was some talk within TNA about bringing in Marcus “Buff” Bagwell. Bagwell has stayed active on the indy scene, repairing his poor locker room reputation. He looks and moves pretty much the same as he did in WCW, but the feeling is that the company already has enough guys on the roster who need to get over without signing another expensive contract. Although nothing was ever officially pitched, ideas bounced around off the record included one with Abyss & Lauren, and another with Daniels.

— In addition to Mick Foley, Kurt Angle will also be serving as a host for the new TNA Epics show. Right now the highlight show is only airing in the UK, but TNA is likely working on increasing distribution for the show. With Spike TV’s average primetime ratings on the decline, it’s possible that they may pick up the second TNA show. Epics will feature classic matches from TNA’s seven-year history, rather than being an iMPACT highlight show. The decision to have Angle and Foley host it was also done to prevent the show from having a minor league feel.

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