Nash Speaks On TNA Moving To Monday Nights, Joe, More

Kevin Nash recently spoke to Sports Radio 1130 AM out of Detroit to do early promotion for the Slammiversary PPV on June 21st PPV in his hometown. Nash and the host talk about how great it would be to fill up The Palace of Auburn Hills, where the event is being held. Here are the highlights:

— Nash says he’s back at about 75-80% following his elbow injury, and is getting back in the hang of things after a near career-ender.

— He speaks on his match with Samoa Joe at the Sacrifice PPV coming up next on May 24th. Nash says any time you wrestle Joe, Joe brings his best, and you always feel it the next morning.

— Nash says that Vince acknowledging TNA is good, but calling it reprehensible is hypocritical since Vince is the same person who produced a show featuring Mae Young giving birth to a rubber hand, among other things.

— Nash says that when TNA picks up another million viewers and starts doing a 2.5 or a 2.7 rating, only then would it be time to switch to Monday nights. He says it’s a young company that has a lot of growth left to do.

— Nash acknowledges that he’s turning 50 this summer, but says he wants to keep wrestling because there’s no time that a beer tastes better than right after you get out of the ring. He also says he kind of likes the grassroots feeling of doing an indy show.

— Nash says that Jenna Morasca is cool and got into the company through Kurt.

— He saw Scott Hall last Thursday and he is still alive and kicking. He says his old partner has burned some bridges in both TNA and WWE, but never say never when it comes to Hall.

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