Update on Candice Michelle’s Return, Why Melina Was Crying, More

– The Visual Arts Journal, the online publication of the School of Visual Arts, has posted an interesting interview with Brett Wingate, WWE’s award winning VP of creative services. Wingate designs a large portion of WWE’s creative material, including Pay-Per-View posters, DVD covers and more. He talks about a number of topics, including what it’s like to work for WWE, whether working in a corporate setting affects his creativity and convincing WWE advertisers to use WWE superstars in their promotional material instead of mainstream sports stars like LeBron James. To read the piece, click here.

– According to one WWE source, the reason Melina started crying on RAW after being drafted to SmackDown a few weeks ago (which wasn’t televised) was because she had started dating John Morrison again, reports The Sun. The reigning Women’s Champion thought they would be separated as a result, but that turned out not to be the case as Morrison was drafted to SmackDown as well in the subsequent Supplemental Draft.

– Don’t expect Candice Michelle to make her return to the ring on this week’s episode of SmackDown. She noted on her Twitter page today that she is currently spending time with family in Hawaii. She also noted she’s undergoing therapy (for her injured ankle).