Details On Rhaka Khan’s Major Backstage Heat, Roxxi’s Firing

Roxxi was recently released from TNA, and there is a lot of heat on Rhaka Khan over the firing as well as for her behavior. reports that Roxxi’s termination can be traced back to a backstage incident that took place between the two. Khan was upset that she wasn’t given enough to do in a battle royal match. When Savio Vega was going over the match with the Knockouts, he asked her repeatedly to turn down the music she was playing. She eventually complied, but when asked to join the rest of the group, she snapped at him and said she is tall enough to see him over everyone.

During the actual battle royal match, Rhaka apparently caught Roxxi with a flurry of stiff shots, and Roxxi returned them and Rhaka dropped to her knees and screamed, which was edited off TV. Khan headed backstage and complained loudly about the stiff shots, and said that the other Knockouts don’t like her but she could “get real” with them. reports that Roxxi approached Khan to smooth things over, but Khan wasn’t interested. Khan was then overheard complaining to ex-boyfriend Kurt Angle that other knockouts were stealing her clothes and either destroyed or stole her laptop computer. Regarding the allegations of stolen clothes, one source cracked, “None of this has ever happened because who in the f— would want them?” Angle has been seen blowing off her rants, but management still feels they are tight.

Khan and Roxxi eventually made peace, but neither were brought back to television. Khan hasn’t appeared on TV since the incidents, but remains on the TNA website and has been flying herself to some television tapings in recent weeks.

The general feeling from sources who have spoken up is that Roxxi got a raw deal and Khan is getting away with her behavior due to her ties with Kurt Angle, although the two are no longer dating. Another incident was during a recent gauntlet match, where Khan was so upset about newcomer Madison Rayne being late for a spot that she kicked her in the head hard enough to cause temporary hearing loss.

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