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Torrie Wilson Speaks on Her New Reality Show, a WWE Return, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Monday, May 4th, 2009

– recently conducted an interview with former WWE Diva to promote her upcoming role on NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Outta Here!” Here are some of the highlights:

IGN: Have they given you any hints as to what kind of challenges you’ll be participating in?

Torrie: No. I’ve heard hints about possible bug eating and jumping out of planes, swimming with alligators. I’ve just heard horror stories about past shows and so I’m hoping it’s not quite as bad, from what I hear. But I’m just expecting the worst. I’m expecting Fear Factor.

IGN: You were at a couple of weeks ago. What was it like for you to go back there and revisit the WWE?

Torrie: It was awesome. It was a great experience. I never really thought I would do much. I retired after having back surgery last summer and I just never really thought that would be a door that I was really going to open again. But I love everybody there and it was great to see everybody. It was a small role for WrestleMania, but whatever role when you go to WrestleMania is just incredible and it’s such an honor to be a part of it.

IGN: So do you think at some point you might show up again?

Torrie: Yeah, I definitely am not keeping that door closed. I love Vince [McMahon]. I love everybody there. The traveling, 280-300 days a year, I’m kind of past that. I just don’t know… And definitely with my back, having had back surgery, I don’t think a full time wrestling schedule is in the works. But you know, something here and there might be something I’d look at.

IGN: What did your family think of you and your dad having that whole storyline?

Torrie: My brothers all called me when he got married in the ring, in his underwear, and they were like, “What the hell are you doing to Dad?!” But it was interesting. My dad really didn’t know the politics of wrestling, so he would be asking for a ride in his limo to the building and all this stuff, and I’m like, “Dad, seriously… Can you just lay low?” [Laughs]


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