Batista Speaks on Retiring, Missing WrestleMania, Being Heel & More

– The Ringside section of the website recently interviewed Batista this weekend before accompanying Manny Pacquiao to the ring for his big fight. You can read the full interview at the link above but here are some highlights:

A hamstring injury kept you sidelined until the RAW after WrestleMania. How’s that feeling now and are you confident you can stay injury free after so many setbacks?

It’s feeling good, I’m 100%. But I hear this all the time, I don’t think I’ve had that many injuries.

I’ve had a few but it doesn’t seem like I’ve had any more than the next guy. They were pretty serious injuries but it’s not like I’ve had to stay out extended periods of time to get over them.

Even this last one for example, I was supposed to be out for six-to-eight months and I came back in three-and-a-half months.

Seeing as you were obviously good-to-go the night after WrestleMania, were you disappointed not to be involved in the big show?

Oh yeah, definitely. I actually went up to see Vince about a month before the show because I felt my leg was healing up so fast.

I told him “I think I could be ready for WrestleMania” and he said that they’d definitely be able to use me. I actually found out the Thursday before WrestleMania that I wasn’t going to be in it.

Really? Wow. Do you know what the plans were for you?

I think it was something very similar to what happened that Monday night (where I saved HHH and the McMahons from The Legacy), but they felt it would work better on RAW than it would at WrestleMania.

I didn’t really ask questions, just said “Okay, if that’s what you guys want”.

Is that something (a heel turn) you think your character might be ready for?

Ummm, yeah I think so. Like I said, I always enjoy being a heel. There aren’t any plans that I know of, but I’m sure (I’m turn) at some point before the end of my career.

I would love to go out as a heel.

You’ve spoken in the past about not wanting to stay in wrestling forever, how long would you like to continue for?

It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. I really just have mixed feelings about it right now. I have just about another year left on my contract which I want to fulfil and when I start getting close to the end of that contract that’s when I’ll make a final decision.

So we might only be seeing you for another year, maybe?

Yeah, that’s a possibility. Absolutely. I turned 40 while I was out injured and I just don’t want to overstay my welcome.

I see a lot of young kids coming up and I’d like to make room for them, you know.





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