Update on Lance Cade Joining Trevor Murdoch in TNA

– WrestlingEpicenter.com sent the following:

Lance Cade, who is a reader/listener of our site/show and has stayed in contact with us since our tremendous December 2008 interview, has asked that we put out a statement on his behalf discussing his status with TNA and to clear up some of the misconceptions that have been discussed online over the past few weeks.

This is a paraphrased version of what he told us from Japan:

“There’s been two sides of the story and neither is fully accurate. People confused me not teaming with Trevor meaning that I don’t have a desire to compete in TNA which is false. It was as simple as me having an obligation in Japan where I have been working full time since December 2008. I will NEVER go against my word. When my obligations over here are finished up, and the moon and stars are aligned, there is a good chance that TNA could be where I call my future home either singles or along side my friend Trevor Murdoch.

As far as the comment of me saying we won 3 world tag team championships with WWE and there’s not much left to do as a team… That is part true. The part that’s true is there’s nothing left for us to do in the WWE as a team! I am not a mark for Lance Cade don’t care about winning “x” amount of titles. It’s a work and doesn’t represent me in how good I or anyone else really are. There is still plenty for us to do… Win TNA’s championships, give them a new team that can work with anyone and doing the same over here in Japan.

I want my side to be heard because I don’t want anyone to think I am not interested in TNA or that I have anything except respect and admiration for Trevor Murdoch. “