New Books on Chris Benoit and WCW, Flair Family Update, More

– A judge in Pinellas County, Florida has denied Hulk Hogan’s request for Linda Hogan’s 19-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill to be prohibited from driving Hogan-owned cars. Hulk argued that his assets would be at risk if accident-prone Hill got into an accident while behind the wheel of one of Hulk’s cars. While the judge did state that “it would appear to be exceedingly imprudent” to keep Charlie from behind the wheel, the request was still denied. Hulk Hogan’s attorney told, “This issue certainly isn’t over… clearly from [the judge’s] statement from this hearing that in principal he agrees with our position but legally does not feel he is able to grant an injunction.”

– ECW Press has a new Chris Benoit book coming out titled “Chris and Nancy.” The book will focus on the life and death of the two.

– Ric, David and Reid Flair are set to appear this Saturday at the Shelby Rec Center in Shelby, NC for an independent show that will raise funds for the Shelby City Parks and Recreation department and the Shelby Police Department. If Reid does appear, it will be his first appearance since his recent DWI arrest. Word is that Ric missed several scheduled radio appearances in the past week since Reid’s arrest.

– Former WWE and WCW writer and current TNA writer Vince Russo has written a new book focusing on his time with WCW. Russo’s second book is titled Roap Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo and is set to be released in February of 2010. A promotional blurb for the book looks like this:

“Highlighting the athlete renowned as the savior of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and the man who destroyed World Championship Wrestling (WCW), this behind-the-scenes autobiography documents the astonishing career of Vince Russo. Chronicling the rise, fall, and eventual rebirth of professional wrestling, this engrossing account answers questions such as How did Vince McMahon win the war between the WWF and WCW? What was Eric Bischoff really like? and Why did Hulk Hogan threaten lawsuits?

Penned by a winner of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, this memoir details the author’s historic face-off with Hulk Hogan in Daytona Beach as well as the legendary Monday Night Wars.

Exploring the inner workings of the sport’s most turbulent era, this memoir speaks from the center of the maelstrom, delivering a fresh and informed perspective on the current pro-wrestling scene.

From the death of WCW to the rise of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling—the world’s fastest-growing and most cutting-edge wrestling promotion—this remarkable narrative demonstrates how a grown man can find peace within the insanity of the squared circle.”





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    One reason WCW went was maybe because he was a former champion and that hes nowhere near as Good as he thinks he is

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