Update on TNA’s New Celebrity Knockout, a TNA Return and More

– The Amazing Red will be making his return to TNA on tonight’s episode of iMPACT which was taped last week. The backstage reaction to his return to the ring have been largely positive. Those that saw him several years ago in TNA thought he looked good, while those that had never seen him were blown away.

– TNA will be releasing all-new shirts on AJ Styles, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, The Motor City Machineguns, The Beautiful People, The Main Event Mafia, Latin American Xchange and Beer Money, Inc. in the coming weeks.

– TNA has launched an account on Twitter, which you can visit at twitter.com/tnaonline. There is a memo on the page saying that “The British Invasion” alliance will be making its debut on tonight’s episode of iMPACT. Samoa Joe also now has a page on Twitter at twitter.com/SamoaJoe.

– TNA wrestler Shawn Daivari (Sheik Abdul Bashir) has posted a blog on his official website, www.ShawnDaivari.com, ranting on the Federal Income Tax.

“April is here and it is tax season. And the biggest crock of **** in my opinion is Federal Income Tax,” Daivari wrote. “What does Federal Income Tax cover? Is it schools and parks in my community? No, that’s property tax. Is it the roads and freeways? No, that’s tolls and gas tax. Is it the infrastructure of my local government? No, that’s state income and sales tax. Why does the government collect a Federal Income Tax then?”

– As of late, a number of questions have been raised regarding the recent acquisition of Jenna Morasca. Many in the company are wondering why she was signed in the first place, especially to such a large contract. While she’s somewhat of a television star due to her victory on Survivor: The Amazon a few years ago, it was already established with Jonny Fairplay that being seen by millions of people on Survivor means almost nothing to the wrestling audience.

Since her debut in the promotion last month, Morasca has been appearing in backstage segments, developing a relationship with Kevin Nash. On last week’s show, she became his valet and was involved in a verbal spat with fellow Knockout Sharmell.