JR Blog: Helms’ New Role, SmackDown Mood, WWE Brands, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– Nice ECW TV show this week and it is becoming a solid, one hour broadcast that features in ring wrestling which suits my tastes to a “T”. Christian will be a versatile ECW champion who can have solid to excellent matches with a variety of opponents including fan favorites and villains.

– Josh Mathews and Matt Striker, two of my traveling partners, are really evolving and if they continue to put the prep time and the effort into their broadcasts they will be as good as any broadcast team in WWE much sooner than people might think.

– Gregory “Hurricane” Helms is now doing backstage interviews for ECW and he should bring added entertainment value to the program. Helms isn’t 100% physically and this assignment can keep the North Carolinian on TV and in the publics eye. I don’t know what Helms’ wrestling future is one way or another.

– I will go out on another limb this week and state that I think Friday Night Smackdown will be the best WWE broadcast of the week, from bell to bell, even though I really enjoyed watching ECW be taped at MSG before Todd Grisham and I went out to record our Superstars bout and then the two hour Smackdown show. You will be the final judge as that’s simply one, biased man’s opinion.

– It seemed like the energy level this week in the Smackdown locker rooms were elevated and that people seemed genuinely excited to be there and on the “blue team.” I can say this without hesitation and that is the Smackdown roster is relatively young, very athletic, and features some “hungry” individuals who want to grab the proverbial brass ring and fatten their bank accounts.

– Rey Mysterio told me he was elated to be back on Friday Night Smackdown. Rey is arguably the most popular Superstar to ever appear on the Friday night broadcast. I can only imagine the # of masks, etc that WWE will sell with Rey’s imagine via the Friday night show.

– From what I can ascertain, the brand separation is going to truly become three, separate entities which was the original concept. I like the concept as it allows many wrestlers to get a chance at the big time that one roster would not facilitate any where near as quickly. I do know that at Judgment Day in Chicago that all three brands announce teams will be at ringside broadcasting their respective bouts. I look forward to the competition between announcers but not to the degree of all that “A” show, etc B.S. that encourages dissension and too much conversation between announcers about things that have zilch to do with embellishing the skills of the wrestlers.