Spoilers: ECW on Sci-Fi Tapings for 4/28/2009

– Thanks to Sean Banner for these results from tonight’s WWE tapings in New York City at Madison Square Garden:

* The Garden is about half full as the show starts.

* Wrestlemania 25 video review: Taker, Austin, and Jeff Hardy got the biggest pops. Cena got booed. RKO booed.

* Wrestlemania 26 promo for 3/26/10 in Phoenix, AZ.

Dark Match:

* Mike Knox defeated Ricky Ortiz in 5:57 after a carbon footprint-like move. Kids chanted “let’s go Ricky.”

ECW on Sci-Fi, Airing Tonight:

* Show opens highlighting Christian’s win over Jack Swagger at Backlash. Christian comes out and talks about his title win and how it’s the greatest day of his career. When Christian invites Swagger out, Tommy Dreamer comes out and congratulates Christian. Tommy asks Christian for a championship match. Christian said let’s do the match tonight. Swagger interrupts and called Dreamer a joke and said nobody can have a championship match before him. ECW commish Tiffany comes out and makes the match for the championship: Christian vs. Dreamer.

* Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) defeated Finlay in 8:41 after a knee shot by Kidd with Finlay’s shillelagh after a distraction from Natalya. Kidd worked Finlay’s knee.

* Announced ECW time change to 10PM.

* Vladimir Kozlov comes out in a Russian Army uniform. Says no one can compete with him and he will achieve world domination.

– Gregory Helms interivews Evan Bourne. Says he has championship aspirations. Paul Burchill comes out and says Tiffany gave him a rematch – Bourne vs. Burchill on Superstars Thursday.

– MSG is sold out.

* Christian d. Tommy Dreamer via DQ at 10:16 when Swagger came out and hit Dreamer and then beat up both guys and gave them his finisher. Dreamer looked good. He did lots of counters and got a near fall with a superplex and a reverse DDT.


– They are now changing the ring for Superstars.