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You know normally Backlash isn’t the strongest WWE pay per view, but last years show was very good and it would be great if tonight’s show turns out to be worth the money. I think tonight’s card is a good one and with the exception of a one match, the others look pretty damn good to me.  As I mentioned on Tuesday I did horrible with my Mania picks, so tonight I am hoping to come off looking a tad smarter. I mean I should be able to get 3 or more right, at least I hope so. Okay here I go with my Backlash predictions.

Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Edge (Last Man Standing Match)
I am picking the guy that I believe is the underdog here, and that would be Edge. Yeah I am going with him for the win. My thinking is that this way the World Champion title goes back to Smackdown. Plus the rumors are that John Cena is leaving in May to make another movie so I guess he could afford to lose tonight. Listen this match should be a 5 star match. Cena and Edge have really brought the house down with so many of their matches, and I can almost guarantee all of you that this will rate right up there.
Winner: Edge

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian
This is just a guess, but I think it’s too soon to take the belt off of Swagger in favor of Christian. I’m sticking with Swagger for the win, and if this match is anything like their match on ECW a few months ago, then we are in for a hell of a ride. If it’s that good then I cannot wait to see it.
Winner: Jack Swagger

WWE Champion Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton & The Legacy
Holy crap this can go so many different ways. Shane could turn, or Batista could turn, or no one turns. It’s hard to say what exactly is going to happen. Hey I was going with Orton to walk out as the new champion, but today I changed my mind and I’m staying with Hunter. Now I have no idea how Hunter will keep the belt. I mean I don’t know if he’ll make the final pin or if Shane or Batista will have the honors, but I’m going with a Triple H win. Now with that said, it certainly would not upset me if Shane turns and screws Triple H and joins Legacy with Orton as the WWE champion. I hope that this comes off very well and it should with all that are involved here. I guess it all depends how this baby is booked.
Winner: Triple H

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (“I Quit” Match)
This one is a tough one. Matt has beaten Jeff it seems like every time they have a match, so here I go. A part of me wants to go with Jeff. But then I’m thinking wow what a big win this would be for Matt. And with all the rumors going around about Jeff Hardy leaving WWE with in the next few months it would make more sense to go with Matt. Well this one is really hard for me but I will go with my first choice, Jeff Hardy. I just can’t believe he would lose to his brother again. Jeff really needs a victory here. This should be really good and I look forward to both Hardy’s going all out with some crazy spots.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Ricky Steamboat has really shown us just why he is a legend. This guy has been brilliant since he re-appeared at Wrestlemania. I have to say this is a match that definitely got my attention as soon as it was made. I can’t wait to watch these guys go at it. I think this will truly be a very good match with Chris Jericho getting the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

CM Punk vs. Kane
It shows you how much I pay attention. I thought that this match was for the I.C. title but it’s not and because it’s not I can’t see Kane losing. However, with that said I just watched Superstars and I see that Kane just pinned Punk for the win, so I have to go with Punk for the win tonight. I was going with Kane, but Superstars just changed my mind. I can’t say that I’m in love with the idea of this match, but hopefully it will be a pretty decent match to watch. You know if they are given time and this isn’t rushed this could turn out to be a good match.
Winner: CM Punk

Santina on Khali Kiss Cam
This HAS to be funny because so far this Santina thing has been anything but funny. Let’s just say this should have been on Raw not a pay per view, but what the hell it’s on so I will try to make the best of it. I mean what more can I say about such a needless segment?

So there you have my picks for the evening. I am looking forward to the show, and I am keeping my expectations low, this way if Backlash comes off poorly I won’t be too disappointed. Hey keep your predictions coming in I have really enjoyed the ones that I have read so far. I will be back with my Backlash and Raw thoughts on Tuesday.

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