Big Backstage News On TNA’s Creative Process, & Sting

TNA’s creative process is said to be the exact opposite of WWE’s right now. WWE’s creative plans have often been very last-minute dating back to before WrestleMania 25, whereas TNA has plans locked-in for after Bound For Glory this fall.

TNA management is said to be very high on long-term plans that look at the big picture rather than month-to-month storylines. An example of this is the Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett feud seamlessly transitioning into the Foley/Jarrett feud by Kurt’s words creating in-fighting among the TNA frontline leaders Jarrett and Foley.

The feeling within TNA right now is that Sting’s character is the freshest that it has been since joining the company, and he was left off this week’s two iMPACT tapings in an effort to keep it that way and protect the character from over saturation.

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