WWE Wrestler Responds To Firing Rumors, & More

ECW brand wrestler DJ Gabriel has posted a blog on his MySpace account (myspace.com/stevelewington) responding to online reports saying he’s on the verge of being released from World Wrestling Entertainment in light of Alicia Fox’s move to SmackDown in last week’s Supplemental Draft.

Gabriel wrote: “Before I begin the blog with updates, I’d like to clear the internet rumor “gossip sites” with their opinions on my future within the WWE.

“I’ve been notified of numerous “wrestling rumor websites” claiming that I will be released from the company soon with Alicia now on SmackDown. I’d like to make my statement and say I’ve been in the company for nearly four years, and it has been an honor. And I’d like to state that my tenure within the WWE is at a good pace, and I do believe it will continue that way. These so-called accurate websites are actually wrong most of the time. It is just a rumor mill site, just like TMZ. I give the site publishers credit for actually trying to find out the inside scoop on our company, but it is no use. They thrive for the rumors, and usually post one by one on every site on here. So next time a publisher actually does claim something about me, they can contact me at any time. They can contact me on the MySpace, on the WWE Universe site, or even in person at a live event/airport/etc. I’m giving the publishers the chance to contact me, and I can state that the “facts” they are discussing, are only opinions.”

Gabriel also notes he’s a bit upset over being left off WWE’s ongoing tour of Europe, but hopes to go next time.

Gabriel is hoping to return to television soon. He wrote: “I can tell you that I will hopefully be back on the SciFi network really soon, and if not…thank you for the continued support anyways.”

He posted another blog a few weeks ago expressing his disappointment in being left off WrestleMania, as well as the Axxess event.

“And yet, I’m a little upset that I was kept off of WrestleMania 25,” Gabriel wrote. “I enjoyed being backstage, and I really appreciated the fact that they even let me come to the event, but I wish I could have participated in the tag title match, or at the AXXESS events…and by the way, the show was GREAT!”