Update on HBK’s Return to the Ring, WWE Event Notes and More

– Shawn Michaels will be out of action a little while longer since his knees are really banged up. Raw is quite loaded on the face side following Batista’s return, so this is probably the best time for him to take some time off. No word yet on how much longer he will be out, but people inside the company speculated he could be out until late July, for the start of the build-up of SummerSlam.

– Cryme Tyme and Mickie James will be signing autographs this Saturday at 5:00 p.m. at COX Communications, located at 400 Bad Hill Road in Warwick, Rhode Island.

– Recent attendance figures: 4/15 Raw in Dublin, Ireland drew a sellout of just under 9,000 fans paying $700,000; a second Raw live event in Dublin on 4/16 drew a sellout of just under 9,000 fans paying $700,000; 4/17 Raw in Glasgow, Scotland drew a sellout of 6,500; 4/19 Raw in Nottingham, England drew a sellout 9,000 fans; 4/16 SmackDown/ECW in Cologne, Germany drew 10,000 fans paying $800,000; and 4/19 SmackDown/ECW in Vienna, Austria drew a sellout of 10,000.





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  • HBK NO.1 FAN

    FINALLY…. Could it be time Shawn makes a big return for summerslam and has another run with the belt…. I hope so

  • Gloria

    I can’t believe that Shawn Michaels’ knees are really banged up. He’ll be back soon! I know he will!!

  • Gloria

    Shawn Michaels is going to leave the WWE after next year’s Wrestlemania because he wants to spend time with his wife and his sons. He will move on with his life. I will miss him so much!!

  • andrew

    Shan Michaels takes it in the ass

  • eric

    Andrew takes it hard In the rear such a homo aka sweetness

  • andrew

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  • eric

    Good comeback real creative genius

  • andrew

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  • hbkmano

    i just wanna see WWE ICON Shawn Michaels affter judgment Day 2009 .. NO More./… you know he is my big brother i am 16 year old kid

  • andrew

    Nothing else to say, Eric?

  • matt styles

    hbk gonna return in summerslam 2009

  • Frederick Marshell

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