Jeff Jarrett PPV News, Number of Concussions for a Knockout

– This past Sunday at Lockdown, TNA would cut to a graphic that featured six camera shots during the Lethal Lockdown match. It’s interesting to note that at one point, five of the six cameras were focused on Jeff Jarrett. The only camera that was not focused on the twelve-time world champion was the overhead camera.

– As noted earlier, Angelina Love suffered a concussion during the three-way match with Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde at Lockdown. The newly crowned TNA Women’s Knockout Champion suffered the injury while taking a cross body block from Wilde. The person taking the move is supposed to kick their feet out and take the bump on their back while catching the person executing the move, explained a former TNA wrestler. He also added that it appeared Love caught Wilde a bit too high and absorbed the bump on her own head.

This is at least the third concussion Love has suffered since joining TNA in October of 2007. Love’s former boyfriend, Saving Abel singer Jared Weeks, noted in an interview last year that Love suffered two concussions within that year.

“I think she has too many notches on the concussion belt,” Weeks told The Miami Herald last June. “I think she had two this year alone, and I don’t think you’re supposed to have that many in a lifetime,” said Weeks. “She was slow for a few days. She actually just went home and was distraught about it. I guess it takes a while to get your head back right.”

Love hit a Philadelphia-area bar later in the night and appeared glassy-eyed according to those that saw her. She didn’t hang around long and soon left the after-show party.