Mike Adamle Returning to WWE?

– Thanks to Gregory Davis for this recap of Mike Adamle’s appearance on Big Ten Quad:

This week’s episode of the Big Ten Quad with Eddie George featured former Northwestern and NFL running back Mike Adamle as part of a three-person panel. With the show featuring three former or current Northwestern University backs, most of the discussion was about college football and the NFL.

In a segment where they talked about “what keeps them up at night”, Mike talked about the difference between fear and anxiety, and how no true top athlete had fear.

Host Eddie George then turned that discussion toward Mike’s “current job” with WWE. He asked is it an illusion. Mike said he tells people to not use the “f word”, fake. They are all tremendous athletes, and while the events are choreographed, the action is the real deal.

Adamle said he’s done a lot of things in his career, but he’d love to get into the ring and see what it’s like to be chokeslammed by a 7-foot wrestler. Eddie brought up that he did hit someone, which Mike confirmed from when he slapped Randy Orton, but he was then written off the show, and was waiting to get written back in.

Eddie then asks Mike to slap him, which he does, shocking the host when he felt how hard it actually is. Mike then asked him to return the favor, although the slaps were weak, and Mike kept saying “harder!”

Overall, Adamle came across perfectly fine and not “embarrassing” as we’ve come to expect, with some decent discussions, such as being drafted to the university, including a great story on Mike playing racquetball with a crazy Bo Schembechler as part of a recruiting process.