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Hello to all my peeps out there, and welcome to another edition of “The Dog Pound.” Now I’ll admit I haven’t written in quite awhile, and that is simply because nothing has grabbed me enough to write about. However, I did finally put some thoughts together and wanted to comment on the WWE Draft, and what this could mean for some of the wrestlers now. Also, I want to throw in some thoughts on TNA as well; that’s right I said TNA. So enough stalling, let’s jump inside the Pound!

So, my 98% prediction came true, as we see MVP and Rey Mysterio switch shows this year, and bring the respective mid-card titles with them. I think this is a solid move, as it gives a new environment for MVP and possibly breathes new life into the U.S. title. Mysterio on the other hand go back to where I think he belongs on Smackdown and hopefully can bring some prestige back to the I.C. title as well. Of course this only works if the titles are defended on a consistent basis and made to look important. That said, I hope this switch does lay the groundwork to bring the importance back into the mid-card level.

Triple H back on Raw. This is good as far as storyline sense goes but overall it leaves Raw with a lot of the power names (which is what Vince wanted anyway.) We have Triple H, Orton, Cena, Michaels, Batista, Big Show, and I guess you could say Mark Henry all on Raw now. You have to wonder what the WWE has planned for HHH after his fued with Orton is wrapped up. Could we see a heel turn in the future??

This leads me over to the Smackdown roster which in my opinion picked up two very good talents with CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Although I believe jericho’s new character is a better fit on the Raw brand, this change could add new life to him at the same time. My question though, does Ricky “the dragon” Steamboat follow him over to continue their small fued; or is this one just over with? CM Punk on Smackdown could be a very good thing, and here’s why…

See, both main titles are currently on Raw right? Well, me and one of my pals from work were talking, and we came up with this scenario on how to get the World title back on Smackdown. At Backlash, Cena defeats Edge to retain the title, but then collapses in the ring. Out comes CM Punk, cashing in the MITB again, pins Cena and becomes the new World Champion! Then over the next month or so, we have a double switch. Fans start feeling bad for Edge because Vickie left him for Big Show and now they’re both on Raw. In the meantime, CM Punk gets fed up with being called a “transistional champion” and turns heel. Setting up a fued between the two down the line for the World title.

Just a thought, as I have A.) always liked Punk as a heel; and B.) want an Edge face turn soon. I mean he’s been a heel for the past six years now. Anyway…

Brian Kendrick to Raw I’m not to pleased with right now. This giy has all the talent in the world, and I feel he’s just going to end up buried on that show; especially with big ‘Zeke now on ECW. I do however like Hurricane Helms moving to ECW, and hopefully by the grace of Vince McMahon he gets a decent push over there for awhile.

Ah, but then we have the big guy, Vladimir Kozlov also making the move to ECW, so you know that Vince will be intent on getting the title on him sooner than later. Hmm, Kozlov vs. Swagger for the ECW title! Now that is a money-maker.

I’ll tell you, two moves that I really did like were: John Morrison to Smackdown; this guy is very high on my list and I believe he is ready for a singles push this time around. The second, Dolph Ziggler jumping to Smackdown. Now, for the longest time I wasn’t very high on him (from the time he was Chavo’s golf caddy, then his time in the Spirit Squad) but this time around I have been nothing but impressed. Hopefully we see a rise in his stock over this next year even with that ridiculous but funny gimmick.

So, that’s it for me this tine around; but I’ll close with this. From what I read this morning TNA Lockdown 2009 was a pretty solid PPV and you know, now that Christopher Daniels has returned and the X-division seems to be getting some prominance again, I just may give TNA another shot. Mick Foley as champion? Leaves some questions and Bobby Lashley in TNA doesn’t do much for me but hey that’s only my opinion.


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