UPDATED Spoilers: WWE RAW Tapings Results for 4/20/209

– Thanks to Phil Lowe for these live RAW spoilers for tonight’s show from London, England. Remember to join us tonight for a more detailed report.

Dark Match:

– William Regal beat Dolph Ziggler.

RAW, Airing Tonight:

– Chris Jericho cuts a promo about what he’s done in the WWE over the past year on Raw. Ricky Steamboat comes out – he thinks he has one more match in him. Jericho runs down Steamboat and says he’s past it and challenges him to a match at Backlash this Sunday. Jericho vs. Steamboat is on.

– John Cena comes out. Vickie Guerrero is not at Raw tonight, neither is Edge. Cena vs. Jericho looks set for later tonight.

– Chavo Guerrero cuts a promo thanking Vickie for drafting him over to Raw. Chavo vs. Batista is up next. Its over in in seconds after a Batista Bomb. Chavo apologises to Vickie for losing. Batista returns and hits another Batista Bomb.

– Shane McMahon is shown backstage talking to Batista about Backlash this Sunday.

– CM Punk beat Kane. They botched the finish and did it again. EDIT: Not confirmed this yet from the Arena, but I’m guessing this is taped for Superstars.

– Santino cut a promo saying sorry to his ’sister’ Santina about her having to kiss Khali on Smackdown. Beth and Rosa come out and say he has to go through with the kiss.

– Melina beat Beth Phoenix to retain the Women’s Title.

– John Cena vs. Chris Jericho is up next. Really good TV match which went close to 30 minutes. Cena won via DQ when Edge hit the ring. He laid Cena out with a chair before cutting a promo about how he’ll be the last man standing at Backlash, finishing by counting to ten while Cena was laid in the ring. I wonder how pissed fans at the Smackdown house show will be that Edge isn’t there tonight.

– Big Show beat Rey Mysterio.

– Edge vs. Cena was announced as the dark match once Raw is over. Triple H and John Cena vs. Edge and Randy Orton had been advertised if I remember correctly.

– Randy Orton beat Triple H. Batista got involved towards the end, as did Legacy and Shane. Batista hit Shane with a spear by accident before Orton hit Hunter with an RKO and made the pin. That ends the TV taping and if you’re wondering, this was indeed a Raw taping despite half of the Smackdown roster appearing!