Cryme Tyme Member Speaks on Net Rumors, Tag Titles and More

– Thanks to reader Jen Carson for her help with this one. Below is a Q&A that Cryme Tyme’s Shad Gaspard has posted on his MySpace. In it he takes a few shots at some internet sites and rumors of heat on Cryme Tyme. For the record, the report a few months back on Cryme Tyme having a bit of heat came from a very reliable source. Maybe Shad is just covering his rear. There has to be a legit reason why they’ve been around for as long as they have and started to get pushed before going back to near job status. Anyway, here’s the Q&A:

1. Is it true WWE wants to release you and keep JTG?
No. I don’t know who started this dumb shit, but it’s not true. I don’t read wrestling news websites or magazine (excluding WWE Magazine) for one simple reason. They are bullshit. Just like you all before I got into WWE I did read them, but ones I got in I learned that the people who write and control these publications aren’t reporters or journalist, they are ass holes who write 5% fact and 95% bull shit (I’m being generic). Their sources usually give them half info so they have to make up the rest and they always contradict what they print later. I remember reading an article from PWI saying WWE was going to release Batista and put Golddust with a new group HHH was going to start. Really PWI? …I have read articles about my friends and other that are just dumb. And we don’t respond to them because we know they are not true. So the next time you read “PWBull Shit”, or “Lords of I Don’t Know What’s Going On”, just know that what you read on their web pages is 5% fact and 95% bullshit. These web sites are going to probably start writing a lot of bull shit about me because I’m saying this and it’s all true. So this is what I say to you as wrestling fans. Don’t buy into there bull; enjoy the entertainment of professional wrestling. Let it take you to a place where you just want to cheer, boo, and feel excitement. And if these web sites have a problem with what I am saying I challenge them to step up there game, do some real reporting/ journalism, take real fan poles (PWI) on best ”””” of 20?? (Don’t just make your friends #1), name your sources (If they are so credible), and stop printing crap. Now I know they wont but the ball is in there court.

2. Have you and JTG ever committed a real crime?
Yes, we both have, my crime were more severe, but we learned from them.

3. Do you get a lot of girl because you’re on TV?
I get a lot of girls because I have GAME and a cute butt.

4. Why haven’t you guys won the tag team titles yet?
We will when the titles when we are suppose to win them, and until that time we will keep on trying to win them.

5. Did you know you have a lot of miss spellings on your page and blog?
Yes I do, some I have corrected others I didn’t see. I’m not perfect and I’m not the best speller. But I’m still a nice guy.

6. Is it true you are married?
I was married, but now I’m divorced.

7. How do you feel about being drafted to smackdown?
To be honest I’m excited, and I’m not just saying that. I’ve been on Raw for 3yrs. I think me and J will lay the smackdown on a lot of people

8. Do you take wrestling serious or are you just another big guy who is just doing it to do it?
I’ve been wrestling for about 7-8yrs, if I was just doing it to do it I would have stopped along time ago. I love what I do, I enjoy it more than most things in my life, and for me it’s not about wins or losses. It’s abut putting on a performance that people not only enjoy, but remember.

9. Can you wrestle single?
I know I can and the people in the office know I can, but right now I’m focused on tag team wrestling not singles wrestling. But when it’s time for me to go single you better watch out, you better not cry, because Shad Gaspard is coming to kick some ass.

10. What do you think about Miz and Morison braking up?
Friends! How many of us have them? Friends! Ones we can depend on Friends! How many of us have them? Friends! Before we go any further, lets be Friends!!!!!!





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    That was strange. I don’t think Shad is too bright.

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