Big News: Jeff Hardy Likely Leaving WWE Soon

Source: PWInsider

– SmackDown wrestler Jeff Hardy has handed in his notice to World Wrestling Entertainment. He has three months left on his contract and is refusing to sign an extension.

It’s being said that he is very burned out and looking to do some other things outside of wrestling, so there is a very good possibility that he won’t be renewing his contract when it comes due this summer. This could explain his losses to his brother in recent weeks.

More details on this story as it develops.





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  • Nicholas

    I hope he isn’t gone for too long because it would suck if Matt Hardy takes over as long as Jeff is out. If they make more stories with Matt in it would suck because he turned heel and he is still in United States title picture . He will win the title some day and get rid of the cast sometime this yea because he is not fooling anyone with a fake broken hand . I don’t think Jeff should leve unless he can’t capture the World Heavyweight title again before his contract expires before or after the Bash. The Games the WWe Smackdown Vs Raw will suck a little bit without Jeff on the roster but he is also amazing to see him be extreme all these years .

  • Linda

    Which extreme wrestler is calling 1 of his fans take a chance in your personal life like you do in the ring see you again in buffalo

  • kevy oaky

    it has been 3 months and he still has not left

  • Jeff

    He left?

  • bethany

    yeah..he’s gone now….

  • Lou

    Good for Jeff, but who really cares?

  • nikki kerns

    yes jeff is gone!! he knew by taking cm punks challenge that it would be risky and he coulp possibly lose. i think that takes courage. cm punk only issued that challenge because he knew that if fully well jeff hardy would beat him. jeff is hurt and at a disadvantage so cm punk used that against him. i cant blame cm punk for that, hes a coward and thats how cowards do. i mean how else did he expect to win unless he faught hardy while he was hurt and then make it where hes out of the way. well i hope punk enjoys his time as champion because come breaking point the undertaker will take care of him and good. in the mean time i dont think jeff is as gone as everyone seems to think. that man is a true champion and hes got tricks nobody has seen before. when the time is right he will be back. when that time comes…cm punk ….man you better hope you got a friend in that arena cause jeff’s gonna f*** you up dude. love ya jeff

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