Backstage News On Jericho/Steamboat, Foley/WWE, RVD


— As previously noted, Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat has been added to the Backlash card. This is a complete 180 on the mindset of last week, when WWE told everyone not to even mention Steamboat’s name on the air because he was done as a character.

— Regarding TNA’s usage of the name Cactus Jack, even though WWE has a trademark for the name, Foley can continue to use it because he had used the name prior to WWE and ECW. The Cactus Jack name dates back to working the indies. The reason that doesn’t work for the Dudleys, for example, is because that name was given to them by Paul Heyman in ECW, and thus WWE owns it. There are other aspects of the Dudley story, but evidently Team 3D decided against fighting that case in court.

— Rob Van Dam made his appearance on Geraldo Rivera’s show on Fox News last night as advertised. He talked about the legalization of marijuana, and how it could be used as a way to raise tax revenues and help out with the recession.

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