TNA Lockdown Results – April 19, 2009

TNA Lockdown 2009 Results
Philadelphia, PA – April 19th, 2009

– The special online pre-show for Lockdown 2009 kicks off with Jeremy Borash at ringside with the fans hyping tonight’s show. We see a clip from earlier today of Danny Bonaduce arriving to the arena on his motorcycle. Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young will be on tonight’s pre-show. Borash runs down the card for tonight.

We cut to a Mick Foley vs. Sting video before going backstage to Lauren. Danny Bonaduce is with her and they start talking when TNA’s crappy feed cuts out. No clue what was said.

Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young

My pre-show feed comes back on and Eric Young is already in the ring with Bonaduce. Young is suplexing him off the steel and scores a 2 count. Bonaduce finally scores with a boot and goes to the top and comes down for a 2 count. Young nails a powerbomb but misses a moonsault from the top. Bonaduce gets his nunchucks but fails to score with them. Young rolls Bonaduce up to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Eric Young

After the match, Bonaduce attacks Young from behind with the nunchucks. Bonaduce starts choking him out until Rhino enters the cage and nails the spear on Bonaduce. We cut to more videos.

– Borash is ringside again hyping the show. He introduces TNA President Dixie Carter. She puts over TNA and the show tonight and that’s about it. We cut to more promo videos for tonight’s matches. We go back to the arena and Borash is inside the cage with Lauren. Borash puts the camera up high on the roof of the cage for tonight’s Lethal Lockdown match. We’re off to pay-per-view…

The 2009 Lockdown pay-per-view opens with Don West and Mike Tenay plugging the show. The pyro goes off and we’re live. The X Division match will be first tonight.

X Division Xscape Match: Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Kiyoshi vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

We’re in the arena and Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring first. Out next is the fake Great Muta, Kiyoshi. Consequences Creed is out next followed by Sheik Abdul Bashir and then the Champion, Suicide.

The match starts with everyone going at it inside the cage. This one is going to be all over the place. Suicide and Creed are going at it and Suicide gets a 2 count. Bashir works on Creed now but gets booted in the face and taken down for a 2 count. Kiyoshi drops Suicide and gets a 2 count. Creed and Lethal work together now and Lethal nails a dropkick on Bashir followed by a clothesline from Creed. Moore double teaming on Bashir now. Creed and Lethal pin Kiyoshi at the same time and Kiyoshi is eliminated.

Creed ends up getting a 2 count on Suicide after lots of back and forth from everyone. Suicide uses Lethal’s legs to knock Creed down. Bashir takes down Suicide now with a clothesline. Big DDT by Bashir on Creed and Consequences Creed is eliminated. Bashir with big chops on Lethal now but Lethal nails some of his own. They duke it out now in the middle of the ring. Lethal nails the Lethal Combination on Bashir. Suicide comes up and takes control of Lethal. Lethal with a rollup and a 2 count. 2 count by Suicide now. Huge lariat by Suicide sends Lethal spinning.

Lethal and Suicide go at it now for a few minutes. Lethal misses a kick off the cage. Suicide nails the Solution. Bashir comes up and pins Jay Lethal to eliminate him. Jay Lethal is gone. It’s now down to Suicide and Sheik Abdul Bashir and to win, one must escape the cage. Bashir works over Suicide using the cage. Bashir is in a move but kicks the cage and the door flies open. He almost fell out. Suicide runs the turnbuckle and climbs up the cage. Bashir stops him at the top and they end up on the turnbuckle. They hit a big top rope suplex from the top and both are down.

Bashir goes for his big DDT again but misses. Suicide ends up on the top of the cage and Bashir meets him. They straddle the cage and trade shots up top. Suicide rocks Bashir and he almost falls. Head butt by Suicide sends Sheik to the mat. Kiyoshi comes running down to try and stop Suicide from getting out. Security come down and stop him. Bashir is close to making it out of the cage door as Suicide is still on top of the cage. Suicide leaps onto security and Kiyoshi on the floor and makes it out of the cage to win the match.

Winner: Suicide

We go backstage with Lauren, Daniels and AJ Styles. Lauren asks if everyone on Team Jarrett is on the same page for tonight and AJ says he and Daniels are. Daniels says tonight he is a man reborn. They walk off as Lauren asks what about Joe and Jarrett?

Queen of the Cage Match: Sojo Bolt vs. Madison Rayne vs. Daffney vs.

We go to the ring and Madison Rayne is already waiting. Out next is Sojourner Bolt followed by Daffney and then ODB with Cody Deaner at her side.

The bell rings and everyone starts going at it. This is going to be another all over the place match. Sojo works over ODB in the corner with her boot while Daffney and Madison go at it. Madison and Sojo try double teaming ODB but she clotheslines them. Sojo grabs ODB and slams her on her side. Sojo and Rayne double team ODB now and catapult her into the cage wall.

Daffney works over Rayne in the corner with kicks. Daffney climbs the cage and screams before missing an elbow on Rayne. Sojo and Rayne stomp on Daffney now while ODB gets up. She takes them both down with clotheslines and gets hype. ODB splashes Sojo and Rayne in the corner at once. ODB drops Rayne again for a 2 count. Daffney drops Sojo now with a DDT but gets a 1 count. All four Knockouts are laid out now as ODB makes it up first and takes a sip from her flask. She spits it in Sojo’s face, scoops her for a big powerslam and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: ODB

Tenay and West run down the card as we see Jeff Jarrett arriving backstage in his Hummer.

Tornado Match for the NJPW Jr. Tag Titles: The LAX vs. No Limit vs. Motor City Machineguns

This one is going to be the third match tonight to be all over the place. The LAX make their way to the ring first followed by No Limit and then the NJPW Jr. Champions, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it again. Nito from No Limit hits a big crossbody on Shelley early on. Shelly nails a big baseball slide kick on one of the guys from No Limit in the corner. Homicide and one of the No Limits go at it with Homicide getting the best. Sabin and Hernandez duke it out and Sabin dropkicks him back before locking on an Octopus style submission. Hernandez lifts Sabin up but gets caught by chops. Sabin goes running and Hernandez just shoves him back into the cage with a shoulder.

Hernandez lifts Shelley with a long suplex but Sabin makes the save. The guns try to double team Hernandez but he suplexes them both at the same time. No Limit double team Shelley now hitting a couple nice combinations. LAX double team Nito in the corner now with some more nice moves. Hernandez catapults one of them into the cage wall and Homicide comes from the top and a close count. Shelley and Homicide fight it out on the wall now and Homicide falls on the ropes. Sabin jumps off Shelley’s back and dropkicks Cide on the ropes. They double team Hernandez in the corner now. They put Homicide on Hernandez’ shoulders and Sabin dropkicks them from the top.

Sabin DDT’s Cide but only gets a 2 count. No Limit use each other to double team Shelley in the corner and Hernandez comes in with a big splash. Homicide throws Shelley into Hernandez’ arms and he nails a big belly to belly suplex. Hernandez holds a No Limit guy on the ropes and Homicide leg drops him from the top for a 2 count. Hernandez catches Sabin off the rop and but Sabin slides down to try a pin. Hernandez lifts him by his neck and throws him into the cage and lands on his head. Hernandez lifts Shelley for a Border Toss into the cage. No Limit double team Hernandez now and drop him down hard for a 2 count. No Limit guy misses a diving headbutt and the other misses a plancha from the top on Sabin. The guns come with a nice double move off the top for a 2 count.

The Guns do some more nice looking double teaming on No Limit and Hernandez. They hit a huge Welcome to Detroit off the top on Mito from No Limit to get the pinfall and to retain the belts.

Winners: The Motor City Machineguns

We go backstage with Abyss and Lauren. She is concerned for him tonight in his match with Matt Morgan and asks how he plans on surviving after he says he won’t use weapons. Abyss says she is the best girlfriend ever. Abyss mentions Dr. Stevie and says tonight is about survival. He talks about his childhood and says tonight he is going to take everything Morgan has to give until he has nothing left. Abyss says then he is going to take out all his frustrations on Matt. Abyss talks about Dr. Stevie again and tells Matt tonight he is going to let it all out on him.

Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan makes his way to the ring first. You can’t win this match until your opponent is bleeding. Morgan throws a chair into the cage and looks for more stuff under the ring but has trouble finding it. Abyss enters the ring, the bell rings and he stops a chairshot from Morgan. Abyss goes to work in the corner.

Abyss continues to control the match, keeping Morgan on the mat with stomps and punches. Morgan takes control and lands a big boot in Abyss’ face. The crowd starts chanting for blood. Abyss nails a big side slam on Morgan. He looks at the chair but hesitates. Abyss picks up the chair, looks at it and turns around. Morgan lands a big kick knocking the chair into his face. Morgan climbs the cage wall and throws the chair out. He comes back down and starts kicking on Abyss. Morgan starts punching and busts Abyss open. Abyss is now bleeding bad. 2 count by Morgan.

Morgan hits a big splash in the corner and then a nice dropkick. Another 2 count by Morgan. Morgan grabs Abyss’ head and starts hitting him in the open wound. Morgan grabs a bag of glass pieces and spreads them out in the ring. Morgan tries to put Abyss face first into the glass but Abyss fights him off with elbows. Morgan grabs a big piece of glass and goes to hit Abyss on in the head. Abyss blocks the shot and tries to hold him off. Abyss hits a big shoulder block and throws Morgan into the cage wall a few times. Abyss hits a big chokeslam and goes for a pin. The ref won’t count because Morgan isn’t bleeding yet.

Morgan hits Abyss low and he goes to the mat. Morgan climbs to the top and goes for a crossbody. Abyss ducks and Morgan lands on the referee, knocking him out. A bloody Abyss grabs a piece of glass and crushes it into Morgan’s forehead. Morgan is now busted open. They get to their feet and trade shots. Abyss nails the Blackhole Slam but the referee is out. Abyss covers Morgan and another referee runs down but only gets a 2 count. Abyss goes to the floor and picks up the chair from earlier. Dr. Stevie comes out and we finally see it’s Stevie Richards as Tenay acknowledges. Stevie takes the chair from Abyss and argues with him. Abyss turns around and Morgan hits a big kick to the face for a 2 count. A big ECW chant breaks out for Stevie. Abyss goes back out and asks Stevie for the chair. Stevie won’t give it to him, saying no weapons and no more violence. Abyss goes under the ring and brings out a bag. Stevie argues with him. Abyss empties the bag out in the ring and it’s full of thumbtacks. Stevie comes in the ring and argues with Abyss now. Stevie slaps Abyss in the face and keeps slapping him in the side of the head. Morgan comes from behind with a low blow and chokeslams Abyss onto the tacks. Morgan barely pins Abyss to get the pinfall and the win as Stevie exits the ring and heads to the back.

Winner: Matt Morgan

We go backstage with Borash and Jeff Jarrett. Borash asks Jarrett which side of him we will see tonight and brings up his history with Scott Steiner and his disappointment with some of the TNA Frontline members. Jarrett says he needs to start worrying more about himself and tonight he will do what he always does – the right thing. Jeff goes to walk out when Samoe Joe comes in. Joe says no tricks and Jarrett walks off.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong

Angelina Love makes her way to the cage first with Velvet Sky as her escort. Out next is Taylor Wilde followed by Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong with Raesha Saed at her side. Kong enters the cage and she’s ready to fight. The bell rings and Angelina starts climbing the cage. Kong brings her down and goes to work with big shots in the corner.

Taylor comes over now and works over Angelina. Kong comes up and slams Taylor down on the mat. Kong goes back to work on Angelina now. Kong lifts her for the Awesome Bomb but Angelina fights out of it. Taylor and Angelina both dropkick Kong and they do a bit of double teaming. 2 count by Angelina and then a 2 count by Taylor. They come face to face and argue in the ring. Roll up and 2 count by Taylor. Taylor and Angelina go back and forth now. Kong catches Taylor off the ropes and throws her into the cage wall. Angelina tries taking down Kong but can’t. Kong lifts Angelina and throws her by her neck down to the mat. Kong hits the big swing move on Angelina and stands on her head now.

Kong is on a roll now and she drops Angelina with another chokeslam. Kong goes to the top rope and jumps for a big somersault splash but Angelina moves out of the way. Impressive seeing Kong doing a move like that. Angelina gets a 2 count on Kong. Angelina puts Kong’s hair through the cage wall and they tie her braids to the cage. Saed chases Velvet around the cage as Angelina taunts Kong. Angelina turns around and Taylor nails a crossbody off the top for a 2 count. Another 2 by Taylor. Kong is still tied to the cage by her braids as Taylor wears down Angelina. Taylor goes to check on Kong but she kicks her back into Angelina. Angelina catches Taylor and pins her for the win and the Knockouts Championship.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

We go to Lauren and Team 3D who are out in the lobby area with a bunch of fans. Team 3D are having beers. They talk about being back home in Philly and the crowd is crazy. Devon says after they win tonight, they’re going to have a cheesesteak. Bubba gets the crowd hyped up and welcomes Beer Money to their backyard, to Hardcore Heaven and to Killadelphia. They have a toast and we go to promos.

Philly Street Fight for the IWGP and TNA Tag Team Titles: Team 3D vs. Beer Money

Tenay runs down the match as the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money come to the ring. Out next is Team 3D, the IWGP Tag Team Champions. Both titles are on the line in this match. Team 3D get a pretty nice pop from the Philly crowd. They make their entrance through the crowd and when everyone finally sees them, they get the pop.

The bell rings and all four men start brawling. Roode works on Bubba in the corner with big kicks and Storm works on Devon. They miss a double team move and Devon clotheslines both of them. Ray throws Storm and Roode both out of the cage to the floor. Team 3D get a big pop from the crowd as they go to the floor to brawl.

Team 3D control Beer Money as they fight through the crowd and TNA has it on split screen. The crowd is all into Team 3D as they beat Beer Money around the arena. It’s Devon & Roode and then Bubba & Storm. Storm smashes Ray’s head into the top of the steps and they fight up near one of the luxury boxes. Bubba and Storm fight it out towards the concessions area as a big ECW chant breaks out. Devon brings Storm back into the crowd area as Bubba and Roode go at it on the steps. Bubba drops Roode on his crotch over the hand rail. Storm takes control of Devon in the crowd now.

Devon digs into the forehead of Storm. They all meet in the crowd and Team 3D is still in control. They head back to the ring area. Storm spits beer in Devon’s face and throws him into the fan barrier. Storm grabs the cage door and smacks Ray in the head with it. Beer Money set up the steel steps outside the ring and bring out a table. Devon is thrown into the steps. They set the table up next to the steps. They both get on the steps and hit the Beer Money Suplex on Devon through the table. A big “holy shit” chant breaks out. They go back in the ring now and work on Bubba Ray. Devon is still laid out on the floor. They rub Bubba’s busted open head into the cage wall. Bubba manages to clothesline both Storm and Roode and slam Roode. Ray climbs to the top rope but Storm meets him. Storm falls on the ropes. Roode gets up and meets Bubba on the top now. Bubba grabs him and hits a big Bubba Bomb off the top rope.

Bubba only gets a 2 count. Storm hits Bubba with something and they go to work on him. Devon finally comes back in and takes Storm out. Bubba manages to drop Roode again for a 2 count. Team 3D hits the top rope clothesline on Storm but only gets a 2 count. Bubba slams Roode and Devon comes off the top with the headbutt. Devon goes to get the tables now after a moment with the crowd. Beer Money get to their feet and hit Bubba with a suplex while he’s setting up the table. They take Devon and throw him into the cage. The crowd chants for fire now. Beer Money with a close 2 count on Devon. They both miss moves off the top rope but Roode hits a spinebuster and neckbreaker on Team 3D. Team 3D catch Roode in the 3D through the table to retain the IWGP Titles and win the TNA World Titles.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Team 3D

We go backstage and Borash is with Kurt Angle. Steiner, Nash and Booker are in the room. Angle puts over each member of The Main Event Mafia and says they are strong. Kurt says tonight they will have three opponents who are younger and faster than them – AJ, Joe and Daniels. Angle says the Mafia knows something that they dont – you win with your head and not with your heart. Angle walks off as we go to promos.

Lethal Lockdown: Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash and Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles

We go to the arena and Kurt Angle is introduced first to make his way to the ring. Out next is Christopher Daniels. They will go at it for five minutes until the next man comes out.

The bell rings and Daniels gets the advantage first, sending Angle to the mat. Daniels works over Angle. Angle gets to his feet and starts working over Daniels. They go back and forth before going to the mat. Daniels works on the leg of Angle. Back on their feet and more back and forth action. Daniels still has a side headlock on. Angle sends Daniels head first into the corner and then the cage wall. Angle misses two clotheslines and Daniels rocks him. Dropkick off the ropes by Daniels now. Angle runs into a boot. Daniels counters a move and stomps on Angle’s chest from the corner. Daniels puts Angle on the corner and smacks him. Big DVD off the top by Daniels. Daniels uses the cage but Angle counters and hits a suplex.

Daniels locks on the koji clutch as the clock counts down and Booker T makes his way to the ring. Angle is locked in the hold and it looks like he’s tapping out as Booker poses and takes his time to get to the ring. Booker finally rushes and breaks the hold. Booker starts working over Daniels. Booker misses a big kick and Daniels nails a dropkick. Daniels with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Booker and Angle double team to knock Daniels now. Daniels is in trouble now as Angle is back to his feet. The clock starts counting down again and the next man out is AJ Styles. Styles rushes the ring and lets loose on Angle and Booker, taking them down. AJ throws Booker into Daniels boot. More double teaming on Angle by Daniels and AJ. AJ stomps on Booker now and takes him to the corner. Daniels and AJ slam Booker and Angle with suplexes. Daniels with a big clothesline on Angle. The clock counts down again and the next man out is Scott Steiner.

Steiner comes in with big clotheslines and a suplex to Daniels off the top. Steiner takes AJ to the top and nails the infamous Frankensteiner. Steiner drops AJ again and hits a big elbow. The Mafia is in control now. Steiner with more big clotheslines and elbow drops. The clock starts ticking again as the next man out is Samoa Joe. Joe’s music plays but he doesn’t come out. We see a split screen. Joe is backstage in the dark talking to someone, getting some last minute instructions for the match or some crap they say. Joe finally comes out and hits the ring. Joe with a big suplex as soon as he enters the ring. Joe hits a bunch of different suplexes on the MEM members. Could that be a Taz reference? Joe with a Senton on Angle as he continues to own.

The next man out is Kevin Nash. Joe meets him on the floor and they brawl. Joe is taken out. Nash goes in the ring and the Mafia owns for a minute. The next man out is Jeff Jarrett. He comes in ready to fight. The top of the cage is lowered as Lethal Lockdown is announced. The top of the cage is filled with weapons.

TNA is showing 6 different camera angles here and it’s kind of dumb looking. Jarrett starts smacking Steiner in the head with a trash can lid about 20 times. Jarrett cracks Steiner with a crutch now. Angle busts through the top of the cage and is up top. AJ Styles comes through and meets him up there. They face off on top of the cage and start going at it. Angle tries to suplex AJ but can’t. Angle wobbles on the edge of the cage as AJ rocks him with rights. AJ tries to dump Angle over the top of the cage but Angle hangs on and fights back. Angle kicks AJ low as everyone else brawls in the ring. AJ is down on the cage as Angle comes back into the cage. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Jarrett. Styles comes crashing through the top of the cage and lands on Booker and Steiner and others, falling hard. Joe drops Steiner with a trash can. Joe takes Steiner to the top and hits the muscle buster. Booker drops Joe with a big kick. AJ gets to his feet and goes at it with Booker. Jarrett goes to swing the chair at Booker but it hits AJ and lays him out. 2 count by Booker. Joe grabs Jarrett against the cage. Angle comes from behind and hits the Angle Slam on Joe for a 2 count.

Daniels drops Angle with a suplex for a 2 count. Jarrett grabs his guitar as AJ and Booker are wobbling infront of him. Jarrett swings the guitar and rocks Booker. AJ covers Booker for the pinfall and the win.
Winners: Jarretts Team

After the match, the lights go out. A motorcycle is heard revving up as music plays. Out comes former WWE star Bobby Lashley to a huge pop! Lashley raises his hands in the air and acknowledges Kurt Angle. Angle smiles from the ring. A huge unexpected moment.

We go backstage with Lauren and Sting. Sting cuts a promo on Foley and talks about Philadelphia, saying anything goes in Philly. Jeremy Borash is also backstage with Mick Foley. Foley is in his Cactus Jack persona and says Mick couldn’t make it tonight. He talks about ripping Sting apart in Philadelphia and tells him good luck.

TNA World Title Match: Sting vs. Mick Foley
We see Foley heading to the ring as we go to a promo. Cactus Jack makes his way to the arena with a barbed wire bat in hand. The TNA World Champion Sting is out next to a pretty nice pop from the crowd. Sting enters the ring and Jeremy Borash begins the formal introductions.

The cage is shut, the bell rings and they get ready to go. The crowd starts popping. Cactus starts hitting himself in the face to intimidate Sting or something. Cactus drops Sting with a clothesline and starts stomping him. Cactus has busted himself open. Cactus with more stomps. He climbs the cage and Sting comes behind him. They fight on the top rope and Sting knocks Foley back to the mat. Sting starts kicking on Foley now, backing him into the ropes. Sting smashes Foley’s face into the cage wall. Foley gets to his feet and fights back with right hands. Sting goes back to the mat after a big right hand and Foley with more kicks.

Foley climbs the cage again but Sting meets him again. They fight it out and Sting drives Foley down to the mat. 2 count by Sting. Sting tries to use the cage again but Foley stops him. Foley with more right hands now in the corner on Sting. Foley with a chokehold. Foley climbs the cage again but Sting grabs him by the leg and pulls him down. Foley’s foot gets stuck and Sting goes to work. Sting works on the leg of Foley now. Foley gets up and tries to climb infront of Sting’s face. Sting knocks him back down to the mat. Foley hits a big clothesline and now Sting is down. Foley stomps on Sting’s head now. Lots of stomps and punches in this match.

Foley looks to be in pain as he hits a swinging neckbreaker on Sting for a close 2 count. Foley tries to climb again but can’t because of his knee. Foley hits the double arm DDT on Sting. Another 2 count for Foley. Foley tries for the Scorpion Death Lock but Sting fights it. Foley turns it over but the hold is broken. Foley screams for the ref to open the cage door. Hebner says he can’t, that’s not how you win. Foley shoves Hebner down to the mat. Foley made the rule to lock the door. Foley snaps. He runs in the ring and dropkicks a camera man on the outside of the cage, sending him back. Foley tries escaping through the camera hole in the cage. Sting pulls Foley back and locks the Death Lock. Foley’s body is hanging out of the camera hole. He tells the camera man to hand him the barbed wire bat and he does. The hold is broken and Foley has the bat. Sting turns around and stops when he sees the bat.

Sting takes Foley down and starts climbing the cage. Foley comes from behind with the bat and hits Sting twice, sending him to the mat. One shot to each knee. Sting hits a drop toe hold and Foley falls onto the bat and cuts his hand open. Sting grabs the bat now and hits Foley in the gut with it. Another shot by Sting with the bat. Sting keeps hitting Foley with the barbed wire bat. Foley catches a shot right in the eyes and hits a low blow on Sting. Foley grabs the bat and clotheslines Sting with it. Foley drops the bat on Sting again. Sting is now busted open. Foley pulls a sock out of his pants and wraps barbed wire around it. Foley punches Sting in the face with it. Foley takes the barbed wire bat and rams it into Sting in the corner.

Foley tries to climb the cage and makes it to the top and almost over. Sting gets up and rushes to the top of the cage. Both men are going over at the same time. Foley drops to the floor and hits it before Sting to win the match and the TNA World Title.
Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Mick Foley

Foley celebrates in the ring as we cut to a TNA Sacrifice promo and the pay-per-view goes off the air.