TNA’s “Former World Champion” Signing Update, Lance Storm

— TNA sent out another text message to fans on Thursday night that they will “unlock the identity of a former World champion from another organization” at the Lockdown PPV this Sunday in Philadelphia, PA.

While surprisingly nothing has been confirmed yet by backstage sources, it’s an extremely safe bet that it’s exactly who everyone has been suspecting it is. Taz is legally allowed to work for whomever he wants whenever he wants, since his WWE contract expired–and was not terminated–he does not have a no-compete clause that would prevent him from working for the competition.

— Lance Storm has written what may be his first ever positive review of TNA iMPACT after viewing Thursday’s episode. “Impact was freakin great. I don’t mean great “by Impact standards.” I mean flat out, straight up, this was a great show,” Storm wrote on “[The main event] was done so amazingly well I almost can’t believe it. […] To everyone at TNA, I may bitch about you guys a lot, but I speak from the heart and am more than happy to give you your due when you deserve it, and My God do you deserve it this week. This was a great freakin show, with some great angles, and great wrestling matches. Please everyone out there TNA Lockdown this Sunday live on PPV, send the message that this kind of programming works and this is what we would like to see more of.”