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Nash Calls AJ Styles The Best Athlete In Pro Wrestling

Posted by Tim Brown in WWE News
Friday, April 17th, 2009

Here are some highlights from TNA star ’s appearance on Ring Posts Live with Kevin Eck and Nestor Aparicio Wednesday afternoon on WNST 1570 AM from Baltimore. He promoted this Sunday’s TNA 2009 PPV.

On the next generation of TNA stars: “I think Robert Roode is a really, really talented guy. I think he’s a natural babyface, although he’s working heel right now. He’s just solid. He’s a combination of Rick Rude and Curt Hennig. He’s a real good technical wrestler and everything he does is solid. Motor City Machine Guns — I watched them do 25 minutes in the Tokyo Dome in January and was just amazed at how athletic and what an incredible pace that those two guys go. You got ‘Black Machismo’ , a really fiery young babyface, a lot of athleticism. There’s . You have A.J. [Styles]. I don’t think there’s really a better athlete in the business right now than A.J. Some of the things he can do reminds me of Shawn [Michaels] in his peak years, as far as athleticism.”

On the Main Event Mafia clicking with viewers: “Whether it’s The Horsemen, the nWo, the Main Event Mafia or DeGeneration X, it always seems like a faction, especially a heel faction, seems to work. The problems the babyfaces always have is that they’re always fighting amongst themselves, and you get four or five guys that have a common goal to be the deterrent to them, I think storyline-wise it’s easy for a wrestling fan to go, ‘OK, that doesn’t insult my intelligence. Five guys beating two makes sense.’ ”

On TNA using veterans on top while also trying to build new stars: “A couple weeks ago, we did a thing where The Motor City Machine Guns came down and interacted with The Main Event Mafia, and I thought [Alex] Shelley came in and was brilliant on the mic. I just think that the more that we interact with them [the better]. I think the biggest problem booking-wise is that the young guys are so athletically gifted and — I’ll just use me as an example — they have to work around me. I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ll be 50 in July. You know, I’d love to pass the torch, to be that first generation of guys that makes stars. And we’ve got some guys that are ready.”

On the staph infection in his elbow: “It looked like a gunshot wound even a month ago. It just looked the thing was never going to heal. We have a young surgeon that helps us at TNA, and about a month ago at TV he said, ‘I can close that.’ A week ago Thursday he surgically went in and put the thing back together. I won’t be a hundred percent, but I’m definitely wrestling on Sunday.”

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