WWE Supplemental Draft Today, WWE Signs Masked Star, More

– The 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft will be held today at 12 EST.

– Michelle McCool posted a blog on the WWE Universe last Sunday discussing the Draft, her WrestleMania experience, and more. On the possibility of being on the same show as Melina on, McCool wrote: “I’d really like to be on the same show as her at this point! One reason, the women’s championship. I WILL go down in history as not only the first ever divas championship, but the first diva to ever hold both the Women’s title and Divas Championship. Mark my words…it will happen! Not only that, it’s been almost 4 years since Melina and her 2 cronies at the time delivered the “snapshot” on me that put me out of action for several months. I can forgive, but I don’t forget!”

– Mexican wrestler Sicodelico Jr. has announced on his MySpace page that he has signed a deal with WWE. He will be headed to WWE’s developmental territory at Florida Championship Wrestling in the next few weeks to train before being called up to the main roster.