WWE Without Vince?, Lashley/The Ultimate Fighter, Hogan

Credit: PWInsider.com

— JJC sent the following: The SportsCenter loop this morning has a Wrestlemania/Vince McMahon feature that I found pretty interesting. It starts 26 minutes after the hour. The brief segment also plugged an upcoming extended WWE feature on the season premiere of E360. The most interesting (or scary, depending on your opinion of Vince’s “vision”) part of the SportsCenter segment was at the end when the interviewer started to ask Vince a question about the future of WWE, and the day when VKM is “no longer in the picture.” Vince cut him off by saying, “well, that’s not going to happen…no, I’m probably never going to die, so, you know, I’ll always be around, somehow. At least, those are my plans, I think.”

— Bobby Lashley recently spoke to ESPN’s MMA Live, and the former collegiate and WWE wrestler said that he would like to appear on the next season of UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. You can view the entire interview, in which he speaks on plans for his MMA career, at this link.

— Celeb blog Hellarious.com has some new pictures of Brooke Hogan now online with a brief article that questions her real age. You can check it out at this link.

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