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Upcoming WWE DVD Releases, Tazz Update, MVP, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Monday, April 13th, 2009

– Recently departed WWE Superstar has set up an official page on Facebook, which can be reached at the following link. He is now going under the pre-WWE spelling of his ring name — . has plans to speak out as the following note was issued on his page this afternoon:

Early next week (week of 4/13/09) Taz will address you his fanbase right here on the his NEW Facebook page! Taz will have his 1st public statement since leaving the WWE…stay tuned!!

His Facebook page says he is available for “limited convention signings and appearances” and can be booked by contacting

– In an interview with with, SmackDown Superstar explained why it took him so long to be a star. “It was just a matter of paying my dues along the way. You have to keep in mind that WWE is the best of the best within professional wrestling and you can’t just crack in those ranks straight away. You have to learn and perfect your craft. And it takes a while to do that, to compete at that level. And I’m glad that I didn’t come in straight away because when I did come in, it meant I could make an impact right away.”

The United States Champion was also asked whether the money in WWE is better than in armed robbery. “(Laughs) Oh yeah absolutely,” MVP said. “You know I tell people all the time that now I’m making more money than I’ve ever legally made in my life. The beautiful part is I don’t have to look over my shoulder or worry about anybody kicking my door in and coming to collect me at two in the morning.”

– Here is the updated list of upcoming WWE DVD releases:

* April 14 – WWE’s Greatest Stars Of The 90’s
* May 5 – Tagged Classics ( 2004/ 2004)
* May 5 – Tagged Classics ( 2004/Bad Blood 2004)
* May 19 – XXV – Both Standard and Blu-Ray Releases
* May 26 – Backlash 2009
* June 9 – Macho Madness: The Ultimate Collection
* June 16 – Judgment Day 2009
* July 7 – 2009
* July 14 – Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams
* July 28 – The 2009


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