TNA iMPACT Rating Breakdown: Who Drew, Who Didn’t

Last week’s episode of TNA iMPACT did a 1.3 cable rating, with about 1.9 million viewers. It placed #2 in the Males 18-49 demographic behind NBA basketball on TNT. Here is a complete breakdown of the quarter-hour ratings:

Q1: 1.30 (Main Event Mafia/Jarrett in-ring segment)
Q2: 1.24 (Sheik Bashir vs. Suicide, Beautiful People backstage)
Q3: 1.23 (Rhino backstage, Sting sit-down interview)
Q4: 1.23 (Foley in-ring promo, M.E.M. backstage)
Q5: 1.36 (Samoa Joe vs. Booker T, Team 3D rough cut segment)
Q6: 1.43 (James Storm vs. Scott Steiner with Nash/Roode/3D at ringside)
Q7: 1.39 (Beautiful People backstage, Kong vs. Velvet Sky & Rayne)
Q8: 1.39 (Motor City Machine Guns vs. Foley, Sting interference)

This rating is slightly down from last week’s average, but the quarter hours show improvement for TNA’s long-term goals. The two final quarter hours were .08 higher than last week’s two final quarter hours. Last week’s highest rated quarter-hour was the Q5 M.E.M/Sting/Foley in-ring segment, while this week’s was Q6 which featured M.E.M. member Scott Steiner facing James Storm, with appearances from Kevin Nash, Robert Roode and Team 3D.

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