Rumor on Legacy, Update on The Great Khali’s Movie Career, More

– ran an article today talking about how WGN America is trying to re-brand itself to compete with networks like TNA and USA, and how the new WWE Superstars program is a part of that re-branding plan. Right now WGN reaches 71 million homes but only averages 364,000 viewers for prime time.

– had an article up on The Great Khali today noting that he just finished completing another Hollywood movie, The Tree of Life. No word yet on what Khali’s role in the movie is but it is set to come out in 2010 and stars Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Joanna Going. The article also noted that Khali is receiving other offers from Hollywood and has other movies coming out in India. The Great Khali’s wife provided much of the information for the article and also said that Khali is working hard to bring WWE to India.

– There was a rumor going around that Mike DiBiase, son of the Million Dollar Man and brother to RAW star Ted Jr. and WWE developmental talent Brett DiBiase, was going to be called up to WWE’s main roster soon. The rumor came from Mike on his verified official MySpace page. For what it’s worth, since then the entire MySpace account has been deleted.

Mike, 31 years of age, isn’t currently an official member of WWE’s developmental roster but has trained in the past with WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race. Mike has also held numerous titles on the independent scene but not too many talents make it to WWE’s main roster these days without going through FCW first. So for now, take it for what it’s worth – a rumor.