Possible SD Main Event, JBL-WWE Heat?, Superstars News, More

– Triple H is advertised to wrestle Randy Orton in a cage match at the April 21 Smackdown/ECW taping in London. Although, keep in mind that all advertised house show and television taping matches will be changed dramatically following this week’s WWE Drafts. Furthermore, if the match does take place, it will likely wind up as a dark match.

– WWE fans in Chicago can catch the new Superstars program on WGN-9 every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. as it will not be airing on Thursday nights in the area — unless they have DirecTV or DISH Network.

– WWE will be holding a Smackdown/ECW TV taping in Edmonton, Alberta on August 11th at Rexall Place. Tickets go on sale May 16th.

– Mike Mooneyham notes in his latest wrestling column for The Post and Courier that John Bradshaw Layfield didn’t leave World Wrestling Entertainment on the best of terms. Mooneyham wrote: “Word, however, has surfaced that JBL didn’t leave the company on the best of terms. His wife, financial guru Meredith Whitney, also didn’t attend what appears to have been Layfield’s last match.”

– As reported last night, 12 Rounds starring WWE Superstar John Cena drew an estimated $775,000 at the box office this past weekend to finish in fourteenth place — raising its three week total to $10,740,000. The film has taken in an additional $1,645,691 million internationally.

In comparison, The Marine had pulled in $15,440,515 domestically by its third weekend. The Condemned, starring Steve Austin, pulled in $8,635,183 total for it’s run, so 12 Rounds managed to surpass at least one WWE-produced film.

Courtesy of BoxOfficeMojo.com, here is how the four WWE Studios theatrical efforts currently stack up:

1. The Marine, starring John Cena: $22,165,608
2. See No Evil, starring Kane: $18,420,968.
3. 12 Rounds, starring John Cena: $12,385,691
4. The Condemned, starring Steve Austin: $8,635,18





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