Why Swagger & Bourne Were Kept Off WM, & More News

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The reason given backstage for Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne not having matches at WrestleMania is because the feeling was they hadn’t been in the wrestling business long enough to earn a spot on the biggest show of the year.

In Swagger’s case, not appearing on WrestleMania likely buried the ECW Championship by not having it defended on the show. It is also believed that Swagger’s lackluster performance against Finlay at No Way Out played a part in the ECW Champion being left off the card. Swagger lost points with those in management due to his bad outing at the pay-per-view, so the feeling was he wasn’t quite ready for a show as monumental as WrestleMania.

— During WrestleMania week, the WWE contingent stayed at the Marriott Westchase hotel, which is about 45 minutes from Reliant Stadium. Company officials kept the location far away from the stadium to keep fans away, and only a few fans found out about it. Additionally, the annual WrestleMania after-party was kept tight, with talent limited to being able to bring one guest.

— Bruce Prichard, who now works for John Bradshaw Layfield’s company Layfield Energy as a Vice President, was at WrestleMania 25 as a spectator as he lives in the area. Prichard worked on the production aspect of the vast majority of WrestleManias in the past, and there’s a rumor that he’ll be returning to WWE to help out with the struggling ratings.

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