TNA PPV Match Now a Dark Match, Danny Bonaduce Updates, More

– While Kevin Nash usually acts like stuff just rolls off his back, we’re told he was visibly furious at a recent set of TNA iMPACT tapings at Eric Bischoff for calling him “Big Lazy” in a recent interview.

– People in TNA are saying that the letter from former employee Randy Ricci written to Dave Meltzer that we posted last week regarding Danny Bonaduce and Dixie Carter is completely full of it. The idea to bring Bonaduce can be mostly credited to Ross Forman as they wanted a media contact in the Philadelphia area that they could use to plug the Lockdown pay-per-view locally. Besides Bonaduce, they considered NBC sportscaster and former NFL star Vai Sikahema, who recently faced Jose Canseco in a celebrity boxing match. Vai wasn’t interested in working with TNA and that’s when Mike Tenay brought up Bonaduce.

TNA approached Bonaduce and he was thrilled to work with them, being a life long wrestling fan. When TNA sent Eric Young to shoot the angle with Bonaduce in Philadelphia, he worked out with Bonaduce and was asked to give a report to TNA creative on how Bonaduce was. Young gave the thumbs up so TNA had planned to put the match on the live Lockdown broadcast. However, Dixie Carter decided a few days later that she felt Lockdown would be a serious show and didn’t want a comedy match diminishing it. This is why the angle they shot won’t be airing on iMPACT and now we’ve learned that the Eric Young vs. Danny Bonaduce match at Lockdown will be a dark match.

TNA did receive a legal letter from the attorneys representing Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, saying Bonaduce couldn’t work Lockdown because he was still under a contract to them. After negotiations with lawyers for TNA and CCW, things were worked out and Bonaduce will be performing for TNA.