News on The Harts and the WWE HOF, WWE Going On Tour, More

– WWE will be doing a two week tour of Australia, New Zealand and Japan in early July but won’t be taping any TV shows. The current plan is to tape two episodes of RAW on June 29th in Oakland, CA and an episode of SmackDown and ECW each on June 30th in Fresno, CA then an episode of SmackDown and ECW on July 1st in Bakersfield, CA. No word yet on how they’re going to handle the new Superstars show for those two weeks.

– WWE held a public auction in Houston, Texas on April 1st that raised around $45,000 for the Houston Public Library Foundation.

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was recently interviewed by the Wrestling Epicenter and when asked if he would induct Shawn Michaels into the Hall of Fame, he said he didn’t think so. Bret has told WWE that he would like to induct his brother Owen or father Stu into the Hall. According to one source close to the Hall of Fame process, people are apprehensive about Owen going in because of the situation surrounding his death. Owen has gotten votes to enter the Hall but there is a fear that there’s always a chance of Martha Hart, Owen’s wife, saying things publicly that would “be detrimental to a feel good Hall of Fame promotion.”





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  • margaret stewart

    i think someone should start a petion for owen hart to be inducted into the hall of fame .as an owen hart fan he deserves to be in the hall of fame

  • margaret stewart

    i would also like to say year after year at wrestlemania time i hoped and hoped that ownes name would be one called out for the hall of fame.he was a great wrestler and a great guy he rightfully deserves to be in the hall of if anyone out there start a petion i will gladly sign it and so would lots of owen hart fans around the world

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