Macho Man News, Update on Gail Kim’s New Movie, Candice, More

– According to, WWE Diva Candice Michelle will be making a guest appearance on an episode of the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place. The episode is set to air on Sunday, April 19th. Although, the website also has her listed for an episode that aired this past Sunday and we haven’t heard any reports on her appearing.

– According to the official website of “Macho Man” Randy Savage,, Columbia Pictures have requested Savage’s permission in regards to using his trademark “Macho Man” likeness in a brand new television pilot.

– There is an article today revealing U.S. President Barack Obama’s wide range of tastes across the television and film spectrums. In a passing mention, it is revealed that the Obamas have seen The Wrestler.

– Royal Kill, an independent movie starring Gail Kim, opens this weekend in select theaters. The SmackDown Diva filmed scenes for the movie during her tenure in TNA Wrestling. The former TNA Knockout cornerstone was initially pegged for a small role in the film as a villain, but her role was expanded after impressing the film’s makers with her performance, not to mention that focus groups said they wanted to see more of her character in the movie.

“Gail Kim in the whole movie had the strongest reaction to her,” director Babar Ahmed said. “Her role is extremely impactful, extremely.”

SmackDown Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang has a small cameo in the movie, playing the role of a cop.

“Jimmy has a very small but very impactful role. He comes, there’s carnage, then he leaves,” Ahmed said. “Jimmy was actually crucial because some of the moves that Gail does, she could only have done with Jimmy. It was very important that he was there so we could up the level of the stunts in the movie.”





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  • tampaglen

    Anyone else notice the vidoe on’s ontro page? It’s filled with clips from WWF/E and WCW. ANd see the WWE copyright and link to site at the bottom of the page? This is all new. Previous pics and video on Savage’s site were not WWE/WWF material.

    Combine this with Savage news articles on – I don’t remember WWE even acknowledging his existence!

    Could this be the start of Macho Man’s return to WWE, if only for Hall of Fame honors?

    Oooooohhhhh Yeeeaaaaaahhhh!

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