Update on the WWE Superstars Show and 2009 Draft

– On RAW last night, WWE ran its first commercial promoting the new WWE Superstars series, which is set to premiere on WGN America on Thursday, April 16 at 8:00 p.m. The theme song for the show will apparently be Superstar by Saliva as that is the song they played during the commercial. WWE is actually trying to promote the show as they ran advertisements in newspapers such as The Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinal yesterday promoting the show.

– WWE will shake things one week from now when next week’s edition of Monday Night RAW hosts the 2009 WWE Draft from the Philips Arena in Atlanta. WWE.com has an article previewing next week’s draft. Fans will be able to catch the show at a special start time of 8/7 CT on USA.

You can probably expect nearly thirty WWE Superstars to change brands next week as eleven Superstars changed their respective home brands during last year’s draft, which was followed by seventeen more Superstars changing brands in the subsequent Supplemental Draft held on WWE.com.