The Dog Pound – Where Do We Go From Here?

Wrestlemania 25 has come and gone. While I must say, overall the card seemed to fall a bit shy of expectations (especially since it was $60 on ppv) I did enjoy the better part of it. Undertaker and HBK stole the show as was expected, and I have to say I believe that was the best match I’ve seen for the better part of the last five years! A true classic these guys put on, and maybe their match alone made the ppv worth ordering. My hat goes off to Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for doing what they do best!

I also thought the Hardy vs. Hardy match came off very well and was surprised with the Matt Hardy win. Jeff, as usual put his body totally on the line for us fans and you know he’ll be feeling it for the next few weeks. A question that came to my mind though, finally with a big wrestlemania win under his belt, is this the time to propel Matt Hardy into the main event? Or we he continue to flounder in mid-card status regardless?

My hat also goes off to Ricky “the dragon” Steamboat, who showed us all that he still has what it takes to run with the boys. Both at Wrestlemania and last night on Raw, Steamboat stole the show in his respective matches and for a man at his age, you have to give him props. You knew Jericho was going to carry the bulk of the match at ‘mania, but once Steamboat got in there, you could tell he would give Jericho a run for his money.

So, that’s it for JBL? Hmm, a 21 second match at ‘mania, and Rey Mysterio is our new I.C. champion. I’m glad JBL went out the way he wanted and I wish him nothing but the best for whatever is held in his future. Now, will the I.C. title be defended by Rey, or will it continue to be a meaningless prop in the WWE? Hopefully the draft changes all that. (More on that soon).

Let’s here it for Miss Wrestlemania “Santina” Marella. Overall, I thought the diva’s battle royal was horribly put together, but the end result was hilarious. I mean, the main selling point for the match was to see all the diva’s from the past right? Well we didn’t get any intros from anyone, so how were we supposed to kno who was there? And how long was Sunny actually in the match? I must say though, last night on Raw Santino…uh Santina really shined on the mic! He has shown consistently that he is comedy gold on the mic, so hopefully the WWE runs with this for a little while longer and we see what happens.

Now, the big matches of the night for Wrestlemania were the two title matches right? For me, I thought both of them were really nothing special, nothing we wouldn’t see on a typical Raw or Smackdown. John Cena wins again huh? Wow, that’s amazing and refreshing isn’t it? And I’m glad that riple H won for the simple fact that he has lost the last few ‘mania’s he’s been in, but now we really need to freshen up the title scene. get some fresh blood in there and keep them there permanently. I mean CM Punk wins the MITB match again right? Let’s have him become a true main eventer this time around perhaps, and not just a transitional champion. Just a thought. What about Mr. Kennedy when he returns? Oh but I forgot, now Batista’s back so that gives us some fresh blood in the title scene; awesome.

So there in lies the question. With the big 3-hour Raw next week and the draft, where can the WWE go from here to really freshen things up? To be honest, the only swap I am 98% sure will happen is MVP bringing the U.S. title to Raw and Mysterio jumping back to Smackdown with the I.C. title. Could CM Punk be the first to lose the MITB this year? All these questions arise now as the fiscal year in the WWE arrives to bring us to Wrestlemania 26. Yes sir, they promised us a great show…


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  • jason

    what about primo and carlito being drafted apart and have to find new partners to be tag champs with and santino and santina being seperated

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