Update on What Trish Has Been Doing, Snuka Speaks on Piper Feud

– Alex Marvez at Scrippsnews.com has a story Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who is still wrestling at the age of 64 years old.

The WWE Hall of Fame said he never could have imagined appearing at Wrestlemania almost a quarter-century after working the inaugural event, let alone teaming with his archrival, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. “Isn’t that something how things go around?” Snuka said. “But it doesn’t mean our feud is over yet. Just because we’re teaming doesn’t mean we can’t turn it back on again. Right now, the light is just off temporarily.”

– The latest issue of Inside Wrestling has a “whatever happened to…” article on Trish Stratus, catching up on what she’s been up to lately. The former WWE Women’s Champion has been quite busy since her departure from World Wrestling Entertainment in 2006.

As she says, she is “as always, crazy-busy. I just wish I had more hours in each day!”

Stratus said she tries to stay in shape by continuing to participate in triathlons and other sporting events for charity. As a matter of fact, she is a celebrity volunteer for foundations such as the Dignitas International Fund (a global AIDS foundation) and the Special Olympics.

“The extracurricular things I while in WWE like Make-A-Wish Foundation were charities I wanted to continue giving back to when I left wrestling,” Stratus said. “I still feel very strongly about doing my best for them since I’ve been so bless.

Trish has also been busy with her fitness, health and yoga studio in North Toronto, “Statusphere.” She began doing yoga to treat an injured lumbar disc and later became a certified yoga instructor. The former WWE Women’s Champion teaches classes in the 5,200 square-foot-studio her husband built for her.

Last year, Stratus filmed Stratusphere, which premiered in September on Canada’s Travel and Escape cable channel. She travels globally in search of the most exotic locations and daring physical challenges for each episode, from fire dancing in Fiji to Gilma wrestling in Thailand.

“The overall thing I’m doing now is trying to help others whenever I can,” Stratus said. “Maybe entertaining them or hopefully helping people anywhere become healthier and hopefully living longer, more productive, satisfying lives. And in doing so, I’m having a great time. Life couldn’t be better.”